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Sonarscope je osnovan u studenom 2003. godine u Varaždinu i počeo je raditi kao glazbeni studio, a ubrzo je napravljen i web dućan za  studijsku opremu , pro audio softver, te dj opremu. Jedna od prvih firmi koje smo zastupali u Hrvatskoj bila je Ableton, a od onda se broj distribucija povećao na tridesetak svjetski poznatih proizvođača.

Sonarscope has been supplying the creative industries with essential music software & hardware  for computer-based music production from 2003. Our customers expect us to give them first-class technology, and top technical support for sold products . Our extensive portfolio of world-leading brands includes :

Native Instruments
Image Line ( FL studio )
Expert Sleepers
Nugen Audio
Reason Studios
adresa / address :
Audio Usluge Sonarscope
Ratimira Hercega 2 42000 Varazdin CROATIA – HRVATSKA
tel 091 1331 461 emil@sonarscope.hr
OIB: 51399463997
VAT: HR51399463997
I am Emil Herceg and I stand before you on behalf of Sonarscope, a company dedicated to supply producers and musicians with music software and hardware. 
At Sonarscope, we understand that the world of music production is ever-evolving, and technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the musical landscape. Our mission is to empower producers and musicians with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive creatively, ethically, and legally.
In a early time when piracy once dominated the software market, we recognized the critical need for education and we knew that by raising awareness about the benefits of using legitimate software, we could foster a positive change in the music community.
Producing music on pirated software and subsequently selling the creations is an unfair practice that undermines the principles of fairness, legality, and ethical creativity within the artistic community. 
The true value of art lies not only in its creation but also in the ethical choices made along the way.
We aim to highlight the advantages of choosing legal software:
1. Creativity Unleashed: Legal music software empowers musicians to harness their creativity without limitations. Access to cutting-edge features and a user-friendly interface opens up new avenues for musical expression.
2. Reliability and Support: With legal software, users benefit from regular updates, bug fixes, and dedicated customer support. This ensures a seamless production experience and the peace of mind that their investment is protected.
3. Respect for Intellectual Property: By choosing legal software, producers and musicians contribute to a culture of respect for intellectual property rights. They become advocates for their fellow creators, fostering an environment of fairness and mutual support.
4. Collaboration and Community: Embracing legal software connects musicians with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. This network fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the opportunity to learn from experienced industry professionals.
5. Future-Proofing Artistry:  Software companies invest in research and development, continuously enhancing their products to meet the evolving needs of musicians. By using legal software, artists ensure their work remains relevant and future-proofed.At Sonarscope, our passion goes beyond selling hardware & software; it extends to nurturing a community of informed, enlightened, and empowered musicians and producers.In conclusion, we invite all producers and musicians to embark on this enlightening journey with us. . Together, let’s embrace the future of music production with legal software as our guiding light.Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to empowering you on this transformative path.Thank you.