2nd Sense ReSample

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A tool designed to edit & analyze audio

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        A tool designed to edit & analyze audio
                 New audio editing applications don’t come along all that often, so it’ll be interesting to see what 2nd Sense Audio’s new ReSample application – described by the developer as “a sharpened tool” – can bring to the party.
                 Designed for editing, processing, and analyzing audio, it promises a distinctive and modern UI, a powerful set of built-in processors, and support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.
                 The waveform browsing and editing are said to be fast and responsive, and ReSample can be used for the likes of vocal removal, time-stretching, and pitch shifting.
              version:   Mac OS X 10.6
              internet required:   yes
              version:   Windows 7+ (Including Windows 7, 8, & 10)
              internet required:   yes
        trial:   no
        feature: Display overview of a sound file on Touch Bar. Touch to move playhead with ease. (for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar)
                 Smooth waveform browsing and editing. Responsive zooming and selecting through multi-touch trackpad or mouse
                 Easy and fluent recording process Spectrogram browsing
                 Direct view and precise adjustment at sample-level
                 Remove/Extract center vocal sound in one mouse click
                 Apply compressing/expanding effect to a specific frequency band Sample-based noise reduction processor
                 Ships with over 20 factory audio processors/effects: Parametric Equalizer, Vocal removal, Time stretch and Pitch shift, Reverb, Noise reduction, Engineering filter, etc
                 Stable and fast high-order engineering filter. (Up to 100th order stable for Butterworth lowpass)
                 Real time spectrum with frequency estimation
                 Easy-to-use equalizer with real time spectrum display
                 Straightforward and customizable fade curve
                 Free-drawing Doppler effect
                 High quality and high fidelity sample rate conversion
                 Supports Mac and Windows. Support ASIO on Windows
        platforms: mac