Ableton Push 2 + Ableton torba

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Ableton Push 2 +Ableton torba

Ableton Push 2 – USB 2 kontroler dizajniran od tvtke Ableton  za kontrolu Ableton Live softvera. Ableton Push 2 dolazi sa licencom Ableton Intro 10.  Pogledajte YouTube video uretke ispod i uvjerite se kako je lagano kontrolirat Ableton bez gledanja u PC ekran !
Najbolja cijena za Ableton Push 2 u HR !

Dedicated hardware for complete integration with Live
Ableton Push 2 Controller for Live
The popular Ableton controller just got even better with the Push 2. It has a beautiful colour display, improved MPC buttons, an adjusted lay-out, and comes with a download license for
Ableton Live 10 Intro!

Push is an instrument that puts everything you need to make music in one place at your fingertips.
Making music is hard. To stay in the flow, you need to be able to capture your ideas quickly, and you need technology to stay out of the way. Computers make it possible for one person to create whole worlds of sound. But instruments are where inspiration comes from. Push gives you the best of everything. Its a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer.



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