Adam A7X Aktivni monitor

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Adam A7X ( komad ) studijski monitor

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Adam A7X Aktivni monitor

istaknuta akcijska cijena je za jedan  komad !

Adam a7x – vrhunski studijski monitor koji

je precizan ali i ugodan za slusanje na duze vrijeme radi X-Art visokotonca

The A7X is ADAM’s best selling nearfield monitor. It is one of the most balanced and versatile speakers currently on the market. The X-ART tweeter produces detailed, uncompressed highs and upper mids without being tiring over long listening periods. Despite its compact housing, the bass response is powerful and precise.

The tweeter is driven by a 50 Watt A/B amplifier and the bass/mid-woofer by a 100 Watt PWM amplifier. This achieves a very clean and nuanced reproduction of the midrange frequencies with a seamless transition in the crossover from the 7″ woofer, which operates in the range of 42 Hz to 2.5 kHz, towards the X-ART tweeter.

The A7X‘s ability to exactly reproduce every sonic detail no matter how small, its translucent sound image, tonal depth and stereo localization inspires music producers and explains why it is by far the most reviewed and award-winning monitor in recent years.


– 2-way active bass reflex speaker
Zvučnici: 1x 7″ mid-woofer Carbon/Rohacell/Glass fibre; 1x Xart visokotonac. Frekvencijski raspon 42 Hz – 50 kHz. Ulazi: analogni XLR i RCA (chinch). Glazbena snaga: 150 W / 75 W (woofer/tweeter). Težina: 9,2 kg.



Number 1
Basket Ø 7″ (175 mm)
Voice Coil Ø 1.5″ (38 mm)
Cone Material Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber


Number 1
Type X-ART
Diaphragm Area 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 2″ (56 mm)
Velocity Transform Ratio 4:1
Diaphragm Weight 0.17 g


Woofer 1
Type PWM
Amp. Power RMS / Music 100 W / 150 W
Tweeter 1
Type A/B
Amp. Power RMS / Music 50 W / 75 W


Input Sensitivity -∞ to +14 dB
High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz ±6 dB
Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz ±6 dB
Tweeter Gain ±4 dB


Analog XLR / RCA


Frequency Response 42 Hz – 50 kHz
THD 90 dB / 1 m > 100 Hz ≤0.5 %
Max. SPL with sine wave acoustic 100 Hz to 3 kHz at 1 m ≥106 dB
Max. SPL per pair at 1 m ≥114 dB
Crossover Frequencies 2500 Hz
Input Impedance 30 kOhm
Panel Front
Weight 20.3 lb (9,2 kg)
Magnetically Shielded No
Height x Width x Depth 13.5″ (337 mm) x 8″ (201 mm) x 11″ (280 mm)
Warranty 5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)
Delivery contents Power cord, manual


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