Applied Acoustics Systems Libraries

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All of the AAS Professionally crafted presets

With more than 7440 signature sounds on tap, Libraries will become an original and bountiful source of inspiration that you’ll want to visit again and again.

Sound packs

With 68 packs, Libraries explores many genre and styles for an incredible amount of variety. Whether it’s for a specific production task or a new type of music you would like to wander in, the collection will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Top sound designers

AAS are very proud to have partnered with Daniel Stawczyk, Christian Laffitte, Cipryan Bot, Thiago Pinheiro, Richard Devine, Sean Divine, Andre Ettema, Gregory Simpson, Simon Stockhausen, Martin Walker, Deadbeat, David Kristian, Adam Pietruszko, Francis Preve, Yves Frulla, David of MixbusTV, Niall McCallum, Emeric Zubar, Amon Tobin, and Michel Basque—some of the industry’s top sound designers.

The benefits of physical modeling

Libraries brings you inspiring and animated sounds which react dynamically to your playing. Small memory footprint, flash-loading presets, and no velocity switching ensure a smooth workflow and natural sounding performance.


Applied Acoustics Systems