Art Of Sounds

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Activate the parallel atmospheric energy in your productions with Ueberschall‘s new school tool “Art of Sounds”.

This versatile ensemble of Fx mechanism based grooves and loops was made for progressive and experimental sound chemistry.

With “Art of Sounds” you will be able to shape material beyond conformity.

The 1.06 GB variety of content includes warm pads which conflict within themselves, defused and torn.

Combined with rhythms which seem to diminish into an airy mist, while at the same moment the melody carries them on.

Creating an aesthetic symbiosis of rhythm and harmony that fuses deeply within the meaning of sound.

Unpredictable, living FX design, turbulence and nanotone logic help deliver unparalleled immersion in use.

From soft and calm to chaotic and disturbed you‘ll find everything that you need for modern and sophisticated multimedia productions.

The single part loops in “Art of Sounds” can offer more than their sum, considering the flexible workflow within the Elastik engine that allows you to suite the material to your needs.

“Art Of Sounds” provides 69 construction kits between 60 and 136 BPM, seperated into:
Single lines, Artificial ambiances, IDM illustrations, Unperfected loops and Additional drum kits shots to generate your own loops with.

Creator of this library is Yvat, distinguished as a Romanian IDM-artist.
All “Art of Sounds” material was produced exclusively for Ueberschall using his unique, inventive means to create a new world of soundscape sculptures.

Sound on Sound, 2010-03-01:
What it does, it does very well, providing a style of sound montage that is currently very much in demand in certain types of media.
Future music, 2010-03-01:
The content is highly original for a sample library and incredibly versatile.