AUDIOCUBES USB svjetlosni kontroler

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AUDIOCUBES USB svjetlosni kontroler

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Create a stunning live performance by creating musical patterns which sync to each other, or control your MIDI-compatible instruments or software using the cubes. Synchronize cube light patterns to your music !
The Percussa AudioCubes are cubes capable of generating and processing audio and MIDI information.

The AudioCubes, a new way to make music:
* Lets you create unique sounds and musical patterns without twiddling knobs !
* Creates a stunning live performance.
* Helps you focus on your creativity and your music.
* Controls your MIDI-compatible instruments or software.
* Displays beautiful colours synchronized to your music.
* Does not need a special table or detection system.
* Does not need any camera’s or special lighting.
* Travels with you, wherever you and your creativity go.

* Nice black designer box and wrapper
* Silver USB cable
* TWO audiocubes with USB connections, built-in rechargeable batteries and chargers
* CD with Ableton Live Demo, Percussa Software for PC (Windows XP
or later) and Mac (Mac OSX 10.4 or later) and MAX/MSP patches, Loopmasters Samples, User’s Manual
* AudioCube Pins (Buttons)