Audiomodern Playbeat 3

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Playbeat 3 creates infinite variations of grooves whilst staying true to its sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum.

Unlike other groove creators that are limited to one specific algorithm, Playbeat innovates by using advanced analysis algorithms to create or remix completely original grooves that never repeat and always sound great!

With the ability to generate and to be suggested different musical combinations on the fly, your beats will always sound fresh no matter if it is a simple pattern remix or a more complex drum beat.

Playbeat has been designed to promote musical creation both in studios & during live performances. It comes with a simple and convenient user interface.

Playbeat 3.1 introduces Audiomodern’s brand-new ‘SMART’ algorithm, a new and revolutionary technology developed over the past year by the brightest minds of Audiomodern. This product is taking a unique step into the new field of A.I. for music production software.

Indeed with the newest Playbeat version, you train the app to learn your preferred patterns with your day-to-day activity, the app then adapts to your own style and generates personalized patterns to achieve the perfect user experience. As you improve, it grows to suit your needs.