Audioprobe Spartan Cue 110 192kHz 24 Bit

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Audioprobe Spartan Cue 110 192kHz 24 Bit

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SPARTAN CUE 110 is a USB Audio Class 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface with 110dB I/O for Mac and Windows systems.

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When SPARTAN CUE 110 is connected to the computer, musicians and audio editors can achieve the highest quality recording, editing, and mixing anywhere and anytime.
In the in-depth review from Professional Audio Magazine, Germany’s Leading Pro-Audio publication, SPARTAN CUE 110 is proudly categorized as a Upper Class interface among other renowned products.
Created through the experience of our AUDIOPROBE engineers and our desire to take up the challenge of fully tapping the potential of new technologies, SPARTAN CUE 110 is the perfect match for our clients in any location. It provides essential features with the highest input and output quality.

Key Features
USB Audio Class 2.0 Compliant

USB Hi-Speed Operation, 24-bit/192kHz
ASYNC : Zero Tolerance Against Clock Jitter
Two Headphones

Large Power 2 x Headphone Amps
[LO MUTE] : HP Out Only, Line Out Mute
[LO UNMUTE] : HP Out, Line Out Unmute
110dBA Dynamics / Low Harmonic Distortion

Easy Monitoring / Easy Source Select

High Fidelity Microphone Preamp

Industry Top-Class Components Applied
EIN = -130dBu, Max Gain
+48V Phantom Power
Toggle Monitor Mode with 3-Step

Mono Mix / Off / Stereo Mix
JFET Instrument Preamp

JFET Based Preamp-Rich and Ample Sound
5 Mega Ohms Input Impedance
Wide Range Gain Control Up To +34dB
Toggle Input Source with 3-Step

Mic and Inst/ Line Input Fixed Gain / Line Input Variable Gain
Balanced Line I/O

Professional Standard Balanced I/O
Wide Range Input Level Accepted with Gain Controls
Output Volume Adjustment
Bus Powered Operation

Additional Connector For External Power Source
(Adaptor Not Included)
Standard MIDI I/O

Machine Cutting Fine Aluminum Housing
Innovative Windows Device Driver

CAPTURE PROBE™ : Flexible Internal Routing and Mixing Solution
Multi-Client ASIO 2.2
Lowest Latency
High Gloss Acrylic Top Finish
8-Step Input Level Meters
Windows and Mac OS X