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Vinyl Strip is a multi-fx plugin wit Distortion, Comp, Bit Crush, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb and vinyl

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        Modular Channel Strip
                 Vinyl Strip is a multi-effect plugin featuring 6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb, and Vinylizer. The modules can be arranged in any combination by simple drag-n-drop. Vinyl Strip will add life and an old school touch to your samples and tracks, and achieve that classic vinyl record sound in your digital environment. The plugin is optimised to be lightweight on the CPU.
                 6 Modules
                 Much more than just a vinyl emulator, Vinyl Strip features 6 modules dedicated to recreating that classic vintage/old school sound of vinyl recording and sampling.
                 Distortion, chooses which kind of harmonics you want to generate

                 Compressor, easy to get a softer or harder sound

                 Sampler, recreates the sound quality of early samplers

                 Tilt EQ, balances the sound like an old hi-fi system

                 Reverb, adds a warm vintage space to your sounds

                 Vinyl, emulates the dust, noise, warp, and response of vinyl

                 Drag and Drop
                 You can customize your channel strip with a simple drag-and-drop.
                 By default, all modules (except the Master module) can be moved and re-arranged to create different signal flows.
                 For example, you can decide to add the compressor module after the Vinyl emulation, or vice versa.
              ram:   2
              version:   OS X 10.9 – macOS 10.15
              additional_requirements:   Intel Core 2 Duo
              internet required:   yes
              ram:   4
              additional_requirements:   Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon
              internet required:   yes
        trial:   no
        feature: 6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Reverb, and Vinylizer
                 All modules can be arranged by drag-n-drop
                 Lightweight on CPU
                 25 Presets
                 Preset system with randomizer
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        platforms: mac