Boom Grip

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Vehicle sound design plugin

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        GRIP gives you the edge in vehicle sound design.
                 What is Grip?
                 GRIP is a software plug-in for your favorite DAW that is used to create tire and chassis sounds for motion picture.

This in-the-box solution gets the job done fast, 100% configurable, automation ready and pretty darn fun, admittedly.
                 Dynamic vehicle tire and chassis sound design
                 Designing vehicle sounds for motion picture? Done with the engine? Let’s tackle the other 50% – tyre, wheel and chassis interactions.
Create highly dynamic and authentic skids, bumps, friction, rolling noise and much more with a high variety of wheel configurations, ground materials and perspectives. Customize and automate everything in real-time!
                 Authentic recordings
                 GRIP comes packed with over 650MB of high quality source recordings, prepared and ready to shape your custom, dynamic vehicle sound.
                 Dynamic perspectives
                 Switch between an interior / outside view, change angle and distance on the fly.
                 Don’t edit – be happy
                 Say goodbye to meticulous sample searching, cutting, crossfading, pitch shifting and aligning – get the sound just right with a few parameter tweaks and trigger suspension impacts with the simple tap of a button.
                 Onboard mixer
                 In addition to morphing the quality and character, you can mix and automate the intensity of each individual sound inside GRIP.
              cpu:    Apple Silicon or Intel® Core™ i5
              ram:   8
              disk:   1
              version:   macOS 10.13
              internet required:   no
              cpu:   Intel® Core i5
              ram:   8
              disk:   1
              version:   Windows 7
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: Dynamically produce vehicle wheel and chassis sounds for motion picture
                 Choose from 5 base vehicle types
                 Automate every parameter
                 Adjustable parameters:
                 Chassis intensity
                 Perspective: Interior / Exterior
                 Perspective: Angle, Distance
                 Grip / Skid Amount
                 Skid Blending
                 Skid Pitch
                 Surface Blending
                 Detail Amount
                 Mix: Rolling, Skid, Detail, Chassis, Suspension
                 Trigger Suspension impacts with a simple tap
                 Simple but powerful in-the-box solution
                 Eliminate the need for sample cutting, crossfading, pitching and aligning
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        platforms: mac