Boom Outdoor Impulse Responses

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Outdoor Impulse Responses

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        Realistic outdoor reverbs, fast and easy
                 Realistic outdoor reverbs, fast and easy
                 Using impulse responses, you can apply the acoustic characteristics of a particular location to your target audio as if it had been recorded in that place.
                 Setting the scene
                 With our BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES library, you get 68 great outdoor impulse responses to place your sounds into specific locations and make them sound as plausible and realistic as possible.
                 Compatible with convolution reverb plugins
                 To use BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES, you need a convolution reverb plugin that allows importing impulse responses. This is not included in this library.
              disk:   1
              internet required:   no
              disk:   1
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: Realistic outdoor reverbs, fast and easy
                 Compatible with convolution reverb plugins
                 68 Files
                 68 Sounds
                 WAV – 24bit – 192kHz
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        platforms: mac