Boom SoundWeaver

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Application that automates sound design

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        Audio layering wizard
                 AUDIO LAYERING WIZARD
                 SOUNDWEAVER helps you design new sounds from your existing sound library in less time.

                 SOUNDWEAVER opens up a highly inspirational sound design workflow.

                 SOUNDWEAVER explores the depths of your sound library.

                 Offering you an unlimited wealth of sound design power, SOUNDWEAVER is a standalone application that unlocks the full potential of your sound library. Easily add textures and complexity to your sounds while seamlessly blending different layers together. Create massive rumbles, bone-crunching organic thuds, falling impacts, hyper-complex futuristic effects, snarling creatures – with SOUNDWEAVER anything from your library can be magically morphed and layered into a new sound.

                 PRODUCE MORE ASSETS
                 Using keywords to power SOUNDWEAVER’s powerful randomization feature, you can produce assets quickly and efficiently. With variations automatically marked and accepted assets easily locked into place, the app works its magic in divining new layers for further customization.

                 Create custom sound design sessions with ready-to-use combinations. Snapshots allow you to save your preferred edits and easily compare them to each other and to new experiments.

                 Using SOUNDWEAVER with BOOM Library sounds can’t be easier. Almost every BOOM Library Construction Kit asset has several variations included in a single file. SOUNDWEAVER reads these variations and displays them as single files, allowing you to switch between them with ease.

                 TRUE DRAG AND DROP
                 SOUNDWEAVER is a sound design environment that doesn’t replace the DAW or video editor, but is designed to work alongside it. Effortlessly drag and drop audio assets from either kind of app and weave your magic with them. When you’re done, simply press “Prepare for Drag & Drop” and drag the newly prepared asset directly into your project.

                 NEW: VST / AU SUPPORT
                 Now, with SOUNDWEAVER 1.3, you can use your VST plugin effects inside the app.

                 Not only can you endlessly and creatively layer your sounds, but you can morph and bend them in any way imaginable.

                 WHAT DOES SOUNDWEAVER DO?
                 SOUNDWEAVER automates and randomizes certain parts of your sound design workflow.

                 SOUNDWEAVER searches your sound library with the help of keywords or folder paths and picks matching sounds for your project.

                 Sounds are automatically sorted, grouped, layered, aligned and split into regions (if files contain multiple variations).

                 Now you can pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and randomize individual sounds, groups or the whole project.
The possibilities are endless.
                 Take snapshots of your favorite combinations and settings. Create as many snapshots as you like and return to them later in the process.

                 Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW for further editing or export the final mix.

                 SOUNDWEAVER can generate countless variations from your project during export via pitch, offset and take randomization.

                 We all know the situation: A client has asked for 100 new sound assets, 10 variations each, delivered as soon as possible.
Creating variations in particular requires a lot of meticulous pitching, shifting and switching out elements within your original design.
With just a few commands, SOUNDWEAVER will automate all of those time-consuming steps for you and generate as many suggestions as you like – so all that’s left for you to do is have a quick listen and keep the ones you like best.
Focus on your creative process while SOUNDWEAVER takes care of the rest.
                 Speaking of creative process: Once your library has grown beyond a certain point, there is only so much experimenting you can do manually. SOUNDWEAVER’s powerful Randomize feature often generates combinations we’d never think of trying in the first place.
This opens up a world of new possibilities and is a great way of starting a project.
Already have an idea? Tell SOUNDWEAVER to build on it and create different flavors.
Starting empty-handed? Let SOUNDWEAVER set up your session by putting all layers in place.
Done, but missing that special something? Try out more unlikely sounds with just a few clicks.
                 USE CASES
              ram:   8
              version:   Mac OS X 10.9
              notes:   Intel® Core i5
              internet required:   no
              ram:   8
              version:   Windows 7
              notes:   Intel® Core i5
              internet required:   yes
        trial:   no
        feature: SOUNDWEAVER automatically picks, slices, aligns and layers sounds
                 Search by keywords, folders or drag’n’drop
                 Pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and switch out individual sounds, groups or the whole project
                 NEW: Get even more creative and add your favorite VST-Plug-ins to tracks, groups or the master output
                 Each of the previous parameters can be randomized.
                 Export: Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW
                 Export as: Individual layers, groups or mixdown
                 Export features: Generate variations using pitch, offset or random takes
                 Take snapshots and return to your favorite combinations, parameter settings and sounds at will
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