Boz 10dB Equalizer

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Faithfully modeled Vintage Equalizer

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        Modeled after a renowned vintage EQ
                 +10db Equaliser is meticulously modeled after the EQ section of a very highly sought after hardware channel strip. The parallel nature and design of this EQ gives you a completely new approach to applying EQ.

                 +10db Equaliser takes the EQ section from our +10db Channel strip plugin and puts it in a dedicated plugin. This plugin faithfully recreates the curves and subtleties of this hardware equaliser unit.

                 What is so special about this EQ?
                 This EQ takes a different approach to equalization than your standard digital EQ. Instead of the standard series configuration, this EQ uses a parallel configuration, which makes for some very interesting effects, especially for bands that are close together. You will notice that you can use more extreme boost and cut settings without going into that harsh realm.

                 And of course, in order to preserve the spectral integrity of analog filters, we do not do any of the digital pre-warping tricks. Instead, each filter has a nice symmetric frequency response all the way up to Nyquist frequency, giving it a much more natural and musical response in the high frequencies.

                 The layout of this EQ makes you work with a different part of your brain than the standard parametric EQ. Don’t get us wrong, we love parametric EQs too, but working with this EQ definitely opens up the creative side of our brain, which can open up entirely new creative possibilities.

              version:   Mac OSX 10.13 or Greater
              internet required:   no
              version:   Windows 7 or greater
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        notes:   Analog Modeled Plugins
        feature: Unique Parallel EQ
                 Analog Modeled Plugins
                 David Bendeth Signature Series
        platforms: mac


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