Clockworks bundle

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Classic studio processors: H910, H949, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipressor + SP2016 Reverb

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        Classics Reinvented
                 Rewind Time
                 In 1971, in a New York City basement, Eventide Clockworks revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first studio effects processor–the Instant Phaser and pro audio’s first digital device, the Digital Delay Line. Over the course of the following decade, Eventide would release the world’s first Harmonizer®, the H910, along with other industry firsts: Omnipressor®, Instant Flanger, H949, and SP2016.
                 Now, producers and engineers can evoke the classic effects heard on countless records from the last 50 years with the Clockworks Bundle. Painstakingly modeling every aspect of these hardware units was neither quick nor easy, but now the must-have sonic beauty of these classic boxes is available for use with your favorite D.A.W. live or in the studio.
                 Each plug-in has been modeled on the original Clockworks hardware to offer faithful emulation. Alongside this, these plug-ins offer the unique qualities and characteristics that made the original units so highly praised. The interfaces for the plug-ins take on the classic “dark-meter” image, making them clean and easy to use.
                 As a bonus, the H910 Harmonizer® and H949 Harmonizer® plug-ins include the dual version, enhancing your experience with these legendary emulations.
              version:   macOS 10.9+
              notes:    Intel and Apple Silicon
              internet required:   no
              version:   Windows 8+
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: 6 powerful plug-in emulations
                 Thousands of presets
                 Pro-quality sound
                 Award-winning innovative effects
                 Emulation of industry firsts
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        platforms: mac



Proizvodjac rackmount multi-efekta digitalnih reverba i deleja od 1971, a u skorije vrijeme i odlicnog EFX softvera.