Dreadbox Erebus V3

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Dreadbox Erebus v3

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Dreadbox Erebus V3

– analogni Synth proizveden u EU

ovo je poboljsana verzija 3 poznatog duophonic analognog Synth-a sa 3 oscilatora i echo efektom

The Dreadbox Erebus 3 is a three oscillator semi-modular analog synth with a few tricks up its sleeve that helps it stand out from the crowd.

The first thing you notice is the extra oscillator and then the much-expanded patch bay

The Dreadbox Erebus V3 is the third incantation of the highly regarded duophonic semi-modular synthesizer,.

Have more patch points and modulation options that ever before.

The Dreadbox Erebus  V3 is a duophonic synthesizer,

You  can play two notes independently of each other to form chords, or mix a bass line with a lead part. The synth also has a semi-modular signal path, whereby you can re-configure the signal path and create your own custom modulations and audio paths. This semi-modular workflow also means the EREBUS can integrate with the Eurorack format, making it a great place to start on your modular journey.

There’s now a third oscillator

which can run anywhere from super slow LFO rates, all the way into the high audio rates, you can use it for modulation or you can mix it into the main signal path to create a three VCO monster. There’s a wide range of waveforms on VCO 3 and a dedicated attenuator for FM purposes. There’s even another LFO should need more low frequency modulation action.

There’s a new section called triple ring.

This is a special type of ring modulator which lets you dial in the depth of ring modulation derived from two different sources. Ring mod 1 is VCO 2 against VCO 1 and ring mod 2 is VCO 3 again VCO 2, you can blend both of these to make a wide variety of tones and textures.

Another upgrade is the inclusion of a high pass filter mode, which hasn’t been available on an EREBUS before. The filter is a still that super creamy, vintage 12dB 2 pole but you now have the added flexibility of another mode.

The onboard lo-fi echo

is still here. nothing changed, still just as dark, rich and deep as ever before, it really adds a tonne of character to this synth. It’s really identifiable and really makes the Dreadbox Erebus  V3 every bit sci-fi and textural as you’d expect.

There’s also a wealth of modulation on hand, 35 patch points in total. With extra features including a patchable sample and hold, a MIDI clock converter, direct audio inputs for the filter and the VCA and much much more.

Dreadbox Erebus  V3 is a modern classic, an iconic synth that sounds quite unlike anything that’s preceded it or will come after it

  • Analog Duophonic Synthesizer
  • 3 Oscillators
  • Auto Tuning Function
  • Unique triple Ring Modulator
  • 12dB Resonating Multimode Filter
  • Dedicated ADSR Envelope to AMP
  • Lo-Fi Echo
  • ADSR Envelope with Loop Function
  • White Noise Generator
  • 3 LFOs
  • Individual Patchable VCA
  • Analog Clock Generator
  • Patchable Sample & Hold
  • 35 Patch Points