Dreadbox System Primary

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Dreadbox System Primary

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The Primary System includes :

Modular Case Bundle

Alpha module

2 ADSR envelope generators with offset depth control, rate switch (fast-slow)
MIDI to CV gate and paraphony Convertor (with seperate Glide controls)
Modulation Wheel to CV Convertor
DIP switch for Midi Channel Select / Envelope retrigger / Unison-Paraphony

Omikron module

2 oscillators with 4 waves each
Pulse Width modulation input
Audio interface
– Sub wave generator
– Audio to Gate generator
– Audio to Sync convertor
Audio can sync the VCO

Lamda module

8-pole 48dB state variable filter
Dual Resonance frequencies
Filter types
– 2pole Low Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 4pole High Pass (single resonance frequency)
– 8pole Low Pass
– 8pole High Pass
– 8pole Band Pass
– 8pole Notch
OTA Drive Circuit
Filter can be pre-driven with high input levels

Delta module

Dual Digital Parallel Lo-Fi Delay
Wet output for both delays
Time modulation for both delays

Theta module

Simple Dual LFO
Sample & Hold
White Noise Generator
Auto Gate generator (Clock with variable PW and Tap Tempo)

Dreadbox Primary System, 122 TE Modular eurorack case system, Passive cv splitter/multiplier, Active cv mixer, 4-channel audiomixer, 5 time attenuator, Additional lfo in case, 5 modules, Alpha module (envelope generator incl. MIDI to cv/gate), Omikron module (analog dual-oscillator incl. 4 waveforms), Lamda module (8 pol 48 dB state variable filter), Delta module (dual digital parallel lo-fi delay), Theta module (dual lfo, 2 waveforms per lfo),
Including dreadbox softcase, Dimensions: 650 x 220 x 220 mm, Weigth: 8 kg