Dreadbox Typhon

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Typhon analogni monofoni synth sa sequencer-om i 12 DSP stereo efx / 254 preset memory,

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Dreadbox Typhon

analogni monofoni synth sa 32 koracnim sequncerom i stereo Sinevibes  efektima !

has been developed with ultimate care and love, so as to be a great-sounding, portable & affordable synthesis. It has a complex modulation routing, 256 preset memory, a 32 note sequencer, and powerful stereo effects developed by Sinevibes.
Since it is packed in a compact USB powered lil’ box, it can be carried everywhere you go!

TYPHON is NOT just another monophonic synthesizer.
Developed with ultimate care and love, so as to be great-sounding, portable and affordable.

> Analog Circuit including 2 Classic Dreadbox Oscillators, a 4-pole Low Pass Filter, and Multiple Analog VCAs
> 2 Envelope Generators for the Filter and the Amp
> 3 Modulators with 4 Different Modes
(LFO, EG, Random, Parameter Step Sequencer)
and Multiple Active Targets
> All analog parts feature a dedicated direct control on the left front panel.
> With the sliders, buttons, and encoder on the right side of the front panel you can control the Amp and the Filter envelopes, the sequencer, the modulators, and the stereo effects, in order to create and save your desired sounds
> 12 DSP stereo effects (32bit @96kHz) developed by Sinevibes, including Distortion, Bit crusher, Chorus, Ensemble,Flanger, Delay and Reverb
> 32 Note Sequencer that can be used to sequence notes in the traditional way or used as a modulation source
> 254 preset memory, with import/export support
> External audio input that can turn this box into the ultimate effects unit
> Portable, Powered via USB with full MIDI and CC Implementation


Specifications & Connections

USB powered (at least 500mA)
60 Playing hours with 20,000mA portable power bank
¼ in Stereo Out
⅛ in Headphone Out
⅛ in Mono Audio In (for routing via Typhon FX)

Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 6 cm
Weight: 1kg



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  1. sonarscope

  2. sonarscope

    10.9 Global settings
    This is a choise of whether the synth will have its internal BPM setting, or respond to an external
    MIDI clock, send by other MIDI devices

  3. hugo herceg

    Odlican sound !

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