Electro ID

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Circuit made madness in this exploration of techno frontiers. Includes a huge array of distinct high-tech loops in Construction_ Kit formula. Modular, Analog and Digital synthesis provided foundation for the sonic probe authority.

These segments also work well with edgy or creatively applied styles.

Sector 1 – Heavy voltages inspired all material creating an electrified spectrum of synthesized disorder.
Sector 2 – Multimodal styles based on Electro, Tech-House, Hardcore and Schranz. German Underground.
Sector 3 – Inorganic resources include: Drum Loops, Synth, Bass Lines, FX, Single Sounds. Byte Crushing where necessary.
Sector 4 – Experiments performed by artist Asem Shama (Techno ID / Ghostline / Franko Zeiger).
Sector 5 – Human candidates classifications benefiting from release: DJ, Composer, GameAudio Pro’s
Results Super-strength Synths, Over-clocked Rhythms.

EQ Mag, 2007-07-01:
If you want an instant electro construction kit where you can do a whole lot more than with simple static loops, consider making the stretch to get Elastik.

Computer Music, 2007-06-01:
Electro ID is absolutely ideal for quick and dirty soundtrack work.

Music & PC, 2007-02-01:
The title “German Underground” may scare some of those who are more mainstream orientated but I still want to advise this library warmly to everybody – it has a huge bandwidth of use and is excellent produced.