Electro Producer Pack 2

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Electro Producer Pack 2—the follow up to it‘s well known ancestor—provides 1.9 GB of full-range Electro Sounds and Samples and of course surrounding styles such as Nu Dance, House, Minimal, Trance, Techno, Dance and Breaks.

These sounds are in high-demand for various professional purposes and the EPP2 content achieves optimum fidelity for this style.

The EPP2 system of design includes comprehensive organization and forethought for practicality and ease of use. Elastik instrument access and programming provided. Below you‘ll find a detailed description of each of the main components found in EPP2.

It is divided into 7 main folders and consists of 3.322 samples total. The material is grouped into:
– 1.153 single drum and percussion sounds,
– 777 kick-drum less and percussion loops which are packed into 113 drum less themes,
– 138 synth sounds,
– 331 synth loops,
– 355 effect sounds (sfx sounds),
– 346 effect loops which are packed into 56 sfx themes (sfx loops),
– 222 vocal samples and loops.

Music & PC, 2009-05-01:
Part two of the Electro Producer Pack is not a quick followup to the first one but a well-structured and enhanced sequel

Beat, 2009-09-01:
The second „Electro Producer Pack“ by Ueberschall convinces with its unbelievable present production