Fluid Audio FX8 Coaxial Active Studio Monitors (par)

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Fluid Audio FX8 Coaxial Active Studio Monitors (par )

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Unlike any monitor in it’s price range, the FX8s employ a dual concentric driver – sometimes called a “coaxial”. Coaxial drivers, found in such world renowned monitors as the Manley ML10, sound great because all frequencies coming from the tweeter and woofer radiate from the exact same position. This is critical for accurate off-axis response as well as phase coherence.

The built-in waveguide provides it with wide dispersion and an expansive sweet spot.

Bi-amplified design with 130 watts of Class A/B power for coherent and accurate sound reproduction 8″ low frequency drivers with composite paper cones for powerful and dynamic lows Coaxial mounted 1.2″ silk dome hi-frequency drivers with integrated waveguides create a flat response and point-source accuracy

Optimized, front-loaded slot port for direct radiating low frequency energy
Magnetic shielding eliminates interference with other electronic equipment
XLR balanced. 1/4″ balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, interfaces, etc Unique fader volume control on front baffle for easy access
External amplifier heat sink to maximize efficiency while keeping temperature low Includes two acoustic isolation pads

Power supply Mains Adapter
Voltage (v) 230
Frequency Range (Hz) 35Hz – 22KHz
Maximum Output (Watts) 130
Enclosure Type Vinyl-laminated MDF
Active/Passive Active
Inputs XLR, TRS, RCA
Woofer Size/Type 8″ paper composite
Tweeter Size/Type 1.2″ silk dome
Cabinet Dimensions (mm) 340 x 254 x 270
Cabinet Weight (g) 9800


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