Puremix Fred Everything Mixing Believe

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As a world-renowned DJ in the House Music Scene, Fred Everything has gained notoriety for his diverse DJ sets where he navigates a variety of genres from House to Techno, and Drum and Bass to Ambient.

In this 80-minute pureMix exclusive video, Fred Everything shows you how he mixes in a creative flow, in a live, real-time mixing session, using his template on the song “Believe” by Kathy Diamond. After mixing portions of the song uninterrupted, Fred goes in detail about his techniques for mixing.

Fred explains how he:

– Organizes his mixes in Logic Pro X for quick navigation
– Manages his gain structure from the start
– Mixes elements in the context of the rest of the track, rather than in solo
– Adds rhythm to percussion tracks and depth and space to synthesizers
– As well as how he masters his tracks to fit into his DJ sets
– Once you have seen Fred mix in a creative flow, download the stems and apply Fred’s techniques on your system at home.