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Ueberschall presents the newest part of the Elastik Inspire series: Grunge. The perfect library to use dirty and distorted sounds real fast.

This soundbank gives you access to various authentic grunge tracks. Using the unique Inspire concept, Grunge becomes the ultimate toolkit for fast rock productions und inspiring songs for every project.

To create the real sound of Grunge, all instruments have been performed live and authentically edited. The soundbank contains 522 drum-, bass- and guitar- loops, which are further divided into crunch and distorted sections. The Elastik Inspire format allows free instrument combinations leading to infinite possible results. In addition, the content has been prepared in a way that it can ideally be combined with other Elastik Inspire products such as Rock.

How does the Elastik Inspire series work?

The Elastik Inspire Series pushes all previous boundaries found in sample libraries. All loops and pitched phrases will immediately match perfectly, even across multiple genres. Each sample is automatically detected and being stretched to the current song tempo.

Ueberschall‘s Elastik 2 player and its elaborated tagging system allow spontaneous track creations – fast, simple and clear.
And by using the intelligent random-replacement-function, any instrument can randomly be replaced by samples of the same instrument group with faultless results – because all samples being part of the Elastik Inspire Series are perfectly adjusted to each other. The resulting options are countless and a source for millions of new inspiring tracks.