H949/H949 Dual Plugin

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H949/H949 Dual Harmonizers Plugin

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        De-Glitched Pitch Shifting with Unique Flange, Reverse & Random
                 The World’s First Time Machine
                 Building on the legacy of the H910 Harmonizer, the H949 was Eventide’s first de-glitched pitch shifter. Produced from 1979–1984, it introduced MicroPitch which used a proprietary single sideband modulation technique for precise control of small pitch shifts. The H949 also offered unique flange, reverse, and randomized pitch effects.

Here’s how it was described when first introduced:
                 “…a combination digital delay line, pitch changer, and all-around special effects unit. The TIME REVERSAL feature is entirely new. When used as a variable-speed tape recorder, the Harmonizer® is capable of shortening or lengthening a piece of program material to fit a given time slot without altering the pitch.”
                 Popularized by Jimmy Page (as the only piece of digital gear to grace his rig) and cherished by Suzanne Ciani, the H949’s full feature set is recreated in this plug-in. From basic engineering and sound sculpting tasks to demonic space robot creations, the H949 is built to inspire.
                 Multiple Uses
                 Create perfect harmonies, custom musical intervals, or outlandish effects. Fatten snares, de-tune synths, spread guitars, and create lush vocals that glue your mix. Spice up your guitar solos with delayed reverse sweeps, morph a solo vocalist into a group of backup singers or send synths down flanged-out dub-holes to another sonic dimension.
                 De-glitched Pitch Change
                 The H949 algorithm uses a proprietary auto-correlation algorithm to make intelligent splicing decisions. The user can “dumb down” the algorithm by choosing a simple cross-fade algorithm which results in characteristic glitching.
                 Double Down
                 This native plug-in version also includes the H949 Dual, which recreates the popular technique of running two units in parallel. Lush doubling, stereo widening, and simultaneous shifting of pitch up and down.
              version:   macOS 10.9+, Intel and Apple Silicon
              internet required:   no
              version:   Windows 8+
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: Multi-effects Harmonizer with de-glitching
                 Randomized and reversed delays
                 MicroPitch for small pitch intervals
                 Reverse pitch shift
                 Combination digital delay, pitch changer, and all-around special effects unit
                 Includes H949 Dual for stereo widening, doubling, and reverse link pitch alteration
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Proizvodjac rackmount multi-efekta digitalnih reverba i deleja od 1971, a u skorije vrijeme i odlicnog EFX softvera.