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Hollywood Strings 2 Crossgrade from Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle. Must have a registered license for Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra Bundle to activate Hollywood Strings 2

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The long-awaited sequel to Hollywood Strings has finally arrived. But this time, we made a hard pivot: Instead of going bigger, we recorded a tight 21-piece group in EastWest Studio 2 for our most nuanced string library yet — smaller room, same production team, no less cinematic. You’ll find all the essential articulations, including legato, detache, pizzicato, staccato, spiccato, marcato, col legno, and even rare textural styles like flautando, each with up to four dynamics, ensuring an unparalleled level of expressiveness and realism. From the delicate intimacy of pianissimo to the commanding authority of fortissimo, and everything in between, articulations are captured with exacting detail by an extensive array of microphones, giving you unprecedented control over the performance and sound of the strings.•Includes all 5 highly detailed strings sections perfect for a close up and intimate sound, available as separate instruments (6 1st Violins, 4 2nd Violins, 4 Violas, 4 Celli, and 3 Basses), and together in full string ensemble performances with all 21 players in octaves.•Offering six microphone positions that allow you to tailor the sound to your exact specifications, Hollywood Strings 2 puts you in control of every nuance with an range of intimate close mics, and an array of microphones capturing the tight, magical room sound of EastWest’s Studio 2.•Use the Moods to find the right feel for your composition. Use the Soft mood for more detailed, intimate writing, the Classic mood for a traditional studio orchestral sound, and Epic for a larger, cinematic sound. The color of the user interface indicates the currently selected mood.•Comes with innovative new features and a suite of powerful effects available in the revolutionary Opus software engine. https://www.eastwestsounds.com/register/