House Musique

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House Musique
Another kickin’ release from Ueberschall- House Musique- fresh & funky disco house material for your pleasure!


Inspiring, dynamic construction kits up to 1 min for professional needs; plus extra lick & loop material: e-bass (73’stingray), funk & wahwah guitars (65’strat), flute, clavinet (D6), organ (B3), acoustic piano, e-piano (mk1).

Additional Drum Loops, Bass Licks, Guitar Phrases and Chords, Keys (hohner D6, hammond B3 and fender rhodes) and Single Drum Sounds

– 12 Construction Kits with several drum loops and instrumental licks
– 63 Drum Loops
– 24 bass licks
– 31 guitar phrases and chords
– 34 keys (hohner D6, hammond B3 and fender rhodes)
– ca. 100 single drum sounds