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Percussion Modeling Instrument

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        More than just drum samples.
                 Great, but why should you care when the internet is awash with drum samples?

                 In two words, expressive control.

                 Once a drum sound is recorded, the performance and modulation options are limited to filtering, volume, or similar 1-dimensional effects.

                 When a single drum sample is triggered in a roll, you get the familiar ‘machine-gun’ effect and it just sounds mechanical. Multi-sampled, multi-layered drums can overcome this limitation but need multi-megabyte or even Gigabyte! drum libraries. Even then, you are still limited to the sounds originally recorded.

                 Modelling algorithms for better sounds
Drumaxx is not based on samples or even commonly used ‘synthesis’

techniques, where oscillators are mixed and the result is always ‘electronic’.
                 Drumaxx uses modelling algorithms to create bass drums, hi-hats, snares, realistic and electronic sounds too. But what about the traditional ‘Achilles’ heel’ of synthesis, cymbals? Drumaxx creates cymbals and metallic percussion also.

                 Good physics stuff included
                 At the core of Drumaxx is a model where the vibrating membrane is represented as a mesh of interconnected points. Each point is given physical properties including mass, inertia, stiffness, damping, and all that good physics stuff. For the musician, this means

                 Drumaxx gives you control over multiple parameters such as material, thickness, tension and shape. More importantly, the parameters can be modulated in real-time as a function of velocity or external controls. The drum body is also under user control too, including body material, size, vibration damping, and shape. All this gives you multi-dimensional performance options, a Matrix of variables providing nearly infinite possibilities.

              additional_requirements:   This is the VST version of this plugin
              internet required:   no
              additional_requirements:   This is the VST version of this plugin
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        notes:   Synths
        feature: Cool interface
                 16 Physically modelled drum pads
                 Multi-output for individual effects processing on each pad
                 Huge range of modelling possibilities covering sounds from cymbals to kettle-drums
                 Velocity modulation matrix for detailed expressiveness
                 Integrated Stepsequencer with trigger-key playback
                 Integrated effects
                 Single-pad version ‘Drumpad’ available for tight integration with FL Studio
                 130 drumkits
                 900 drum patches
                 200 drum patterns
        platforms: mac


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