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Keith McMillen QuNexus

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QuNexus is the next generation of portable keyboards. The most playable, portable and powerful MIDI keyboard controller on the market. 25 pressure-sensitive silicone keys and LED illumination make QuNexus uniquely interactive and fun to play.

QuNexus’ Smart Sensor keys detect finger pressure, tilt and velocity. Each key sends out a unique CC# as well as Polyphonic Aftertouch, and Channel Rotation allows for polyphonic pitch bends. Imagine pitch bend and modulation in every key.
QuNexus fits perfectly in the centre of your studio; a hub that integrates every synth protocol. Route controls for vintage CV analog gear, external MIDI hardware and audio production software. QuNexus is class compliant and works natively with any system that supports MIDI. Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android* with no software drivers required. You can also take control of analog gear via Control Voltage (CV) or 5-pin MIDI.
The QuNexus keys and buttons are made from a durable silicone composite, so don’t worry about the keys or buttons breaking when you throw QuNexus into your backpack or laptop bag.
1 QuNexus controller
1 USB cable (USB 2.0 A to Micro-B, 1 m)

Width: 12.8” / 325 mm
Depth: 3.3” / 84 mm
Height: 0.43” / 11 mm
Key Pads

1.18″ x 0.51″ / 30 mm x 13 mm
0.76 lb / 345 g


QuNexus is bus-powered via the USB port when connected to a computer or tablet. When using QuNexus without a computer, power can be supplied with a USB power supply or a KMI MIDI Expander. Connections

USB micro jack
3.5 mm Pedal Input / Control Voltage (CV) 1-2 Input. This port can accept 2 CV input signals with a 3.5 mm TRRS plug.
3.5 mm Gate – Control Voltage (CV) 1 Output (16-bit). This port can output Gate and CV signals with a 3.5 mm TRS plug.
3.5 mm Control Voltage (CV) 2-3 Output (16-bit). This port can output 2 CV signals with a 3.5 mm TRS plug.
KMI MIDI Expander jack


25 Key pads with velocity, pressure, and tilt sensitivity
2 octave switching buttons*
1 pitch bend pad
5 mode buttons
32 LEDs with 16 levels of brightness


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