Keith McMillen SoftStep

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Keith McMillen SoftStep

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Keith McMillen SoftStep, USB Foot Controller, 10 pressure-and-direction sensitive keys plus a Nav Pad, up to 6 Note, CC, Pitch Bend, Program, MMC and HUI control or OSC messages per key, elastomeric skin and a carbon fiber backing, 4-character LED display, 10 dual-color key LEDs, and EL underglow, Control Software, lighting and video effects, keyboards, robotics, pyrotechnics and more, incl. software: SoftStep application – works with the SoftStep hardware controller to manipulate sensor data, these modified control sources are mappable to any MIDI or OSC destination, expressionpedal connector, USB buspowered, dimensions: 445 x 107 x 25 mm, weight: 0,54 kg


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