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The Kilohearts Ultimate Bundle contains nothing less than 38 amazing sound design tool.

Build your own Modular Synths and Effects:

The open modular architecture of the Kilohearts Ecosystem gives you the freedom to design any instrument or effect you can imagine using Phase Plant, Multipass, and Snap Heap. Whether you need something simple and functional or something complex and experimental, you now have all the tools you need. Just imagine the possibilities.

All the Elements you Need:

Kilohearts Ultimate includes a huge range of effects which can be used as regular plugins in your DAW or as Snapins to be combined and modulated as you desire in any Snapin Host. Premium Effects are available to buy separately to further bolster your sound design capabilities. Once a preset is saved anyone you share it with will be able to use it regardless of which Snapins they own.

Three “snappy” hosts playing to Kilohearts strength, modularity :

Phase Plant
Snap Heap

Cover a wide range of uses with a thrilling selection of Premium Effects:

Slice EQ
Carve EQ

30 extra FREE plug-ins:

The Ultimate Bundle also contains the “Kilohearts Essentials”, a set of 30 extra plug-ins that were previously sold individually:

• 3-Band EQ • Bitcrush • Chorus • Comb Filter • Compressor • Delay • Distortion • Dynamics • Ensemble • Filter • Flanger • Formant Filter • Frequency Shifter • Gain • Gate • Haas• Ladder Filter • Limiter • Nonlinear Filter • Phase Distortion • Phaser • Pitch Shifter • Resonator • Reverb • Reverser • Ring Mod • Stereo • Tape Stop • Trance Gate • Transient Shaper.