Melda MDelayMB

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6 Fully Adjustable Bands

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When a track sounds flat & uninteresting, a delay is usually the first thing you touch to make it better. MMultiBandDelay is much more than just an ordinary delay.rnUp to 6 fully adjustable bandsrnThe plugin can process different parts of the spectrum differently. This lets you get unbelievably rich results, if you want to dig deeper, the creative possibilities are endless.rnMany presets active presets to get you started quicklyrnWe know that the plugin may be a little too versatile. That`s why we included dozens presets added a dual user interface – an easy mode with several predefined active presets featuring just a few knobs, the edit mode with all the amazing features. You can start quickly go deeper whenever you are ready to gets your hands dirty. rnModulation heavenrnLove the sound of our plugins, but wish there were some way to quickly create motion in your sequences? Enter Melda modulation heaven. Modulate any parameter from our unique set of modulation sources, which includes LFOs, audio level followers, envelope generators, randomizer, pitch detectors.rnKey featuresu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdThe most advanced user interface on the market – stylable, resizable, GPU acceleratedu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdDual user interface, easy screen for beginners, edit screen for professionalsu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdUnique visualisation engine with classic meters time graphsu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bd1-6 fully configurable independent bandsu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bd4 exceptionally versatile modulatorsu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdAdjustable oscillator shape technologyu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bd4 multiparametersu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdM/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing…u00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdSmart randomizationu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdAutomatic gain compensation (AGC)u00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdSafety limiteru00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdSynchronization to host tempou00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdMIDI controllers with MIDI learnu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdVery fast, optimized for SSE/SSE2/SSE3 processorsu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdGlobal preset management online preset exchangeu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdSupports VST, VST3 AU interfaces on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit 64-bitu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdNo dongle nor internet access is required for activationu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdu00efu00bfu00bdFree-for-life updatesrn