Melda MSpectralDynamicsLE

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Spectral Domain Dynamic Processor

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        Free-for-life updates
                 MSpectralDynamicsLE is the smaller brother of the mighty MSpectralDynamics, a true revolution in audio processing, which can flatten the spectrum, prevent collisions between tracks, remove noise, and open up myriad new creative possibilities. MSpectralDynamicsLE is the same, but it doesn’t let you access the edit screen.

                 Unique spectral processing
                 MSpectralDynamicsLE is essentially a dynamics processor which works in the spectral domain allowing you to tweak individual frequencies. The compressor can make loud frequencies quieter for example – but that’s just a beginning.

                 8 plugins in one
                 MspectralDynamicsLE can be a compressor, expander, gate… Eighth base modes offer a complete dynamic suite. With MSpectralDynamicsLE you can expect nothing less than pristine audio quality!

Common functions like de-esser or gate have been taken to another level. MSpectralDynamicsLE does the same job as other plugins but with surgical precision. It removes only the truly unwanted signal leaving the rest of the audio material untouched.

                 Side-Chain Wonders
                 Two ducking modes can help you to avoid collisions between instruments which occupy the same space in the spectrum. This is a common mixing problem. Using one of the side-chain modes helps you to remove this problem automatically.

                 Upgrade to MSpectralDynamics
                 If you feel the basic controls you get in your LE version are not enough, you can always upgrade to the „mighty“ version that allows you to tweak even more parameters for every mode. Upgrade any time.

              version:   macOS (10.9+ 64-bit only)
              notes:   Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support or Apple Silicon processor
              internet required:   no
              version:   Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
              notes:   Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: With MSpectralDynamicsLE you can actually draw your own processing shape using our MeldaProduction envelope system (MES) technology. It lets you easily create any dynamic processing shape you like. And it is extremely fast even for complicated shapes.
                 User interfaces need to be fast, simple to use and be easy on the eye. Everyone’s needs can be different, so flexibility is important. Melda solves this with the most advanced GUI engine on the market.
                 The dynamic detector using in MSpectralDynamicsLE has no match on the market. It features manual and 5 automatic release modes with adjustable limits and speed, true RMS and true peak hold features, look-ahead and more.
                 MSpectralDynamicsLE supports all major hosts on both platforms. Check system requirements for information about compatibility and installation.
                 Some plugins can intensely increase gain when exposed to specific audio materials. MSpectralDynamicsLE provides a safety brickwall limiter, which ensures the output stays below 0dB and prevents your equipment and your ears from potential danger automatically.
        platforms: mac