MFB Module Nanozwerg Pro

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MFB Module Nanozwerg Pro, eurorack verzija  od uspjesnog  Nanozwerg synth-a ; analogni vco sa cetri waveforme ; suboscillator sa 3  intervala ; analogni  12 db multimodefilter; lfo sa  “one shot”-funkcijom ; midi- and cv/gate-interface

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* Eurorack version of the successful NANOZWERG Synth
* analog VCO with four waveforms
* sub-oscillator with three octaves
* analog 12 dB multimode filter
* LFO with one shot function
* CV inputs, midi CC controllable
* MIDI and CV / gate controllable
* M Bus connection

It does not always depend on the size. Despite its extremely compact dimensions, the NANOZWERG PRO module is a full-fledged, monophonic analog synthesizer module.
With its VCO and suboscillator as well as a 12 dB multimode filter, the NANOZWERG PRO module can produce a variety of bass, electric, space and dronesounds. In addition, it can also be used as an effect module with its noise generator and via an external audio input.
Here is an overview of the equipment of the NANOZWERG Pro module:
The analog VCO generates the four waveforms triangle, sawtooth, rectangle and needle pulse. It can be switched over four octaves, as well as fine tuned by an octave. Together with the suboscillator, which has three octaves, the sound base of the NANOZWERG PRO module is created here. As an alternative to the sub-oscillator, a noise generator for atonal sounds or an external audio signal can be used. VCO and sub-oscillator or external audio signal are mixed in the mixer. The tones can be equipped with a portamento.
The 12 dB state variable multimode filter has low, band, highpass, and notch bands. The resonance can be controlled up to the natural oscillation. The cutoff frequency can be modulated manually, with the ADSR envelope and the LFO at the same time. In addition, a key-dependent opening of the filter can be performed via Key Follow.
The LFO has four waveforms, including Sample & Hold and a one-shot function. Here, the selected waveform after the gate pulse of an arriving note passes through only one cycle and can thus be used as a simple envelope curve. The first three waveforms can be overlapped steplessly. In addition to the cutoff frequency, the LFO can optionally modulate the pitch or the pulse width of the square wave in the VCO.
The ADSR-1 envelope can modulate the cutoff frequency of the filter with adjustable positive or negative deflection. The ADSR-2 envelope allows you to control the VCA output volume.
Most of the parameters of the NANOZWERG PRO module can be modulated by CV. In addition, the envelope and the LFO have output sockets. For the filter there is a switching socket, which makes it possible to use an external source instead of the internal sound sources.
The MIDI input can be used to control the NANOZWERG with a keyboard or a DAW. In addition to the note commands, data from the pitch wheel (+/- 1 semitone) and Midi Control Change are processed. Alterative to the Midi input, the module has a faster M-Bus connection.
The module has a width of 24 HP (unit units) = 121 mm.




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