Neumann KH 310 A desni

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Neumann KH 310 A desni

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Active Studio Monitor

3 Way System
Maximum sound neutrality and transient response
Uniform directivity
Precise bass reproduction down to 34 Hz
LF input thomann with extremely low distortion electronically-balanced input stage
Magnetically shielded
Variable adaptation within three frequency ranges

Technical data:

Peak power: 210 W (Woofer), 90 W (Midrange), 90 W (Tweeter)
Continuous power: 150 W thomann (Woofer), 70 W (Midrange), 70 W (Tweeter)
Free-field frequency response: 34 Hz – 21 kHz, +/- 3 dB
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Sound pressure level: 120.2 dB SPL at 1 meter in half space at 3% THD
Membrane dimensions: Woofer 8 1/4″, Midrange: 3″, Tweeter: 1″
Controller-Technology: Analog, active
Crossover: Crossover frequency 650 Hz/2 kHz
24 thomann dB/Okt
Equalization: Bass: 0..-7.5 dB, Midrange: 0..-4.5 dB, Treble: 1..-2 dB, each adjustable in 4 steps
Audio input (analog): XLR> 10K ohms electronically balanced
Dimensions: 253 x 383 x 292 mm
Weight: 13.0 kg
Mounting option: 2 x M8 side
Colour (standard): anthracite (RAL 7021)
1 Piece: left speaker (optional: Right speaker Article Nr: 304991)