Ohm Force Ohmboyz

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Advanced multi-tap delay

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        Advanced multi-tap delay
                 More than a simple delay endowed with a variety of features, OhmBoyz is almost an instrument in its own right. For sure, it’s an advanced stereo multitap delay, but it also has complex resonant filters, distortion high shelf and a total of 39 LFOs. Somewhat legendary, it remains one of Ohm Force’s bestsellers.
                 Any delay you want
                 4 independent taps of predelay ranging from ping pong and chorus to reverse beat. Each has its own level, stereo balance and times control, whether in milliseconds or in note increments synchronized to tempo, from 1/64 to 4 beats injecting into 2 cross-feedback delay lines… and that’s only the delay part!
                 Creative sound destruction
                 In terms of sound, the range of possibilities offered by OhmBoyz is unlimited, just as the impressive list of specs should lead you to expect. On drums, keyboards, or any other instrument, you can achieve highly precise delays, just like endless feedback-ridden echoes degenerating into chaotic mayhem.
                 Hybrid monster
                 Despite the qualification of multi-tap delay, OhmBoyz’s real nature is far more complex. After passing the stereo delay processing step, the audio signal will go through two complete resonant filters, distortion and high shelf. Then add in the fact that most parameters have their own dedicated LFOs…
                 Full MIDI integration
                 Thanks to auto-bind, you can control any parameter – LFO, filter, distortion, etc. – via MIDI. Morph between presets to produce surprising transition effects. Already a great tool for home studios and professional studios, OhmBoyz is designed to change your live experience too.
                 Two skins, two paths to the Force
                 Ohm Force plugins come with two skins: the classic one gives you all the controls in a neat, old school analogue rack-like interface. It’s a good point to start learning and get familiar with the plugin’s capabilities. The other one, called ‘funky’, embodies the true spirit of Ohm Force.
              notes:   OS 64-bit or latter
              internet required:   no
              notes:   Win 7 and later
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: This delay does not “click”
                 LFOs everywhere.
                 Who wants a resonant filter ? high pass, low pass, band notch, wah-wah, adjustable bandwidth and resonance from -24dB to +24dB : enough to deafen to death your most respectable neighbors.
                 Serious distortion. Choose between overdrive and puncher… or anywhere in between…
                 A high-shelf filter, to shunt the highest sounds, useful after heavy distortion.
                 Move several buttons in one move, with group selection and side-click.
                 Instant result : with many sequencers (cubase, Orion…), OhmBoyZ adjusts itself to the right tempo and follows any occurring change.
                 MIDI Automation.
                 Useful presets, loadable on-the-fly, that can be applied instantly or with long or very long transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won’t forget.
                 Five effects for the price of one : delays, resonant filter, distortion, high shelf… Use what you want or need. All those effects, together, provides an unusual result : OhmBoyZ.
        platforms: mac


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