Oktava MK-220

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Oktava mk-220

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Oktavas first twin diaphragm, multi-pattern microphone – developed from the industry-workhorse Oktava MK-319. This spectacular new mic offers all the richness of the special, warm, upfront sound with which the 319 has graced vocal takes all over the world for years – and then some. The new multi-pattern MK-220 offers unprecedented multi-pattern capability in a large diaphragm microphone.

n addition to the added ambience-capturing omnidirectional capability, the figure 8 capability – offering balanced pick-up from both sides of the microphone – is perfect to use for more sophisticated stereo miking techniques such as Blumlein and Mid-Side and provides a genuine low-cost/high quality flexibility to your microphone closet. Like the MK-319, it is housed in a casing acoustically designed to reduce sound refractions within the microhpone’s grill and to provide good shock resistance and a low self-noise rating – under -18 dB.

A switch located at the left (High-Pass Filter) allows to change the microphone’s cutoff frequency. This reduces low frequency interference directly at the input of the microphone amplifier. This setting also compensates for the unavoidable bass boost that occurs with all pressure gradient transducers when they are used at close distance (proximity effect).
The second switch attenuates the sensitivity by 10 dB. This option should be used in high SPL environments or by recording of loud instruments (for example saxophone).

A maximum SPL of 140 dB (@ 1 kHz) makes the MC-220 great for any number of studio and live voice and instrument recording applications.