Oktava MK-012-20 black MSP8

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Oktava MK-012-20 black MSP8

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Matched Pairs are tested and measured in three steps at the factory in Tula to insure consistent quality and performance, and they are delivered with individual frequency printouts. All MSPs are matched with less than 1dB deviaiton. In pairs, the MK-012-20s are perfectly suited for coincident and spaced stereo miking techniques, and also overhead usage in live and studio situations.

This is the first microphone in the world which combines advantages of small and large condeser diaphragms!

You can choose between three small diaphragm multi-pattern capsules MK-012 and MK-102 large diaphragm capsule

The set consist of:

2*microphone preamps, 2*small diaphragm cardioid capsules, 2*small diaphragm hypercardioid capsules, 2*small diaphragm omnidirektional capsules, 2*large diaphragm MK-102 cardioid capsules, 2*-10 dB pads, 2*mic holders, wooden box.