Oktava MK 219 MSP

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Oktava MK 219 MSP

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Matched Pairs are tested and measured in three steps at the factory in Tula to insure consistent quality and performance, and they are delivered with individual frequency printouts. All MSPs are matched with less than 1dB deviaiton.

The Hugely popular MK 219 is a fixed pattern, cardioid microphone featuring a large diaphragm capsule teamed with a low noise discreet preamplifier circuit. Magnetic reed switches are provided for reliable long term durability of both the 10dB pad and the high pass filter.

The capsule employs an extremely thin, gold plated diaphragm and is built to a classic design, enabling the microphone to equal or outperform models many times its price, not only on subjective sound quality but also, in many cases, in terms of sensitivity.

When used for vocals, the large diaphragm capsule adds warmth and enhanceshigh frequency detail while still sounding completely natural. It is strongly recommended that the microphone be used in conjunction with a pop filter when close miking vocals.

The Oktava MK219s high sensitivity means that it can be used on acoustic guitars, pianos and in stereo matched pairs for ensemble recordings.
The set consist of: 2*microphone, 2*holder, 2*wooden boxes, packing box