Oktava MK 220 MSP

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Oktava MK 220 MSP

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Oktavas first twin diaphragm, multi-pattern microphone – developed from the industry-workhorse Oktava MK-319. This spectacular new mic offers all the richness of the special, warm, upfront sound with which the 319 has graced vocal takes all over the world for years – and then some. The new multi-pattern MK-220 offers unprecedented multi-pattern capability in a large diaphragm microphone.

In addition to the added ambience-capturing omnidirectional capability, the figure 8 capability – offering balanced pick-up from both sides of the microphone – is perfect to use for more sophisticated stereo miking techniques such as Blumlein and Mid-Side and provides a genuine low-cost/high quality flexibility to your microphone closet. Like the MK-319, it is housed in a casing acoustically designed to reduce sound refractions within the microhpone’s grill and to provide good shock resistance and a low self-noise rating – under -18 dB.

A maximum SPL of 140 dB (@ 1 kHz) makes the MC-220 great for any number of studio and live voice and instrument recording applications.