Polyend Perc Drumming Machine

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Polyend Perc Drumming Machine

Make drum machine out of everything

We discovered the way to get new sound, timbre and feeling out of the most primary instrument in the world. Perc connects drums with enormous possibilities of the digital world. It stimulates your creativity, helping you effortlessly go way beyond physical capabilities.

Machined aluminium enclosure, unprecedented attention to every detail, and world-class components are used to create a device that not only inspires and supports creativity but also guarantees seamless and stable operation.

In the box, you will find one beater, one controller (capable of controlling one beater), one clam and noiseless power supply.
Perc works with any MIDI transmitting device. It doesn’t matter whether you need to reach for the newest version of your favorite DAW, beloved drum machine or smartphone app. Just connect it via USB or classic MIDI DIN output.


“The Polyend Perc Drumming Machine has opened up a whole new world of inspiration. It has essentially unleashed my rhythms that have been kept “inside the box” into the physical realm. Instead of relying on my sample library and attempting to make those samples sound organic through mixing and production techniques, I can now let physical materials do the work for me. The hardware store, my garage, kitchen and everything else in the physical world have become my new drum kit.”

All you need to start

Everything you need to start playing is included in the Perc kit. A single unit controller, one beater, one clamp, the dedicated AC adapter, USB connector cable and a short manual are what you’ll find while unboxing. Now you just need your basic drum kit or anything that’s in the kitchen or garage, your perfect Home Depot drumming set. In case you’d be wondering, you can daisy-chain as many single controllers as you need using the standard MIDI cables.

Any percussion instrument you strike with a stick or your bare hands works flawlessly with Perc.
Open yourself up to new possibilities. Congas, xylophone, hotelbell, saucepan? Thanks to Perc, these can all be your new drum machine. How many ideas will pop into your head within next minute?





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