Polyend Poly 2

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Poly 2 MIDI to CV Converter

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Polyend Poly 2

The Ultimate MIDI to CV Converter

There are many excellent, functional MIDI tools and devices
(DAWs, controllers, sequencers, keyboards, drum pads, etc.)
and as many fantastic Eurorack modules. Poly 2 seamlessly
connects these worlds thanks to its multiple inputs and outputs
and loads of configurable parameters.

The interface

Connect your computer, smartphone to its USB port; your class compliant MIDI controllers via USB Host, and all the other device via the MIDI jack port. A whole array of analogue outputs give you the versatility to hook up loads of different types of modules. Easily adjust every setting you need thanks to the OLED screen with a straightforward menu system. Set, save and recall your the parameters with a click of an encoder.

Dimensions: 14HP wide, 24mm deep.

It’s compatible

We love MIDI, especially for its vast number of applications.
In order to be compatible with every MIDI device,
Poly 2 gives you a wide array of customisable parameters.
It also works excellent with MPE devices.

On the other side, there are a lot of voltage norms.
Poly 2 shines here too. With its various standards
for Pitch and Gate, it gets together with Eurorack modules,
Buchla and every other CV operated instrument.


Up to 8 voices (Gate + Pitch pairs) and 12 configurable outputs.Full input and output customization (pitch standard, pitch bend, middle C, voltage standard, etc.).Save and Recall your sets of parameters (plus autosave option).Different Play modes (First, Next, Channel and Notes) for different use cases.Musical scale filtering (allows you to generate instant musical results from any type of controller).MPE compatibility.





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