Quested S6R aktivni monitor (komad)

Quested S6R aktivni monitor (komad)

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This product has been discontinued.

Originally designed to partner the SB10R subwoofer in a 3-way system, the sonic performance of the S6R belies its size. Easy to position where space is limited, the low frequency response is more than adequate for many applications. However, when an extended bass response is required the infinite baffle cabinet design facilitates perfect integration with SB10R sub-woofer which will extend the frequency response down to 25Hz. The S6R is phase coherent with the S7R and S8R, enabling it to be used in combination with both in multi- channel systems.

This compact self-powered 2-way active monitor is the ideal choice where space is at a premium; the magnetic shielding also facilitates its use in close proximity to CRT monitors.

A perfect choice for 5.1 systems where space is limited. Typical applications also include: speech recording, component in multi-channel systems, postproduction, Audio workstations and location recording.