Reloop keyfadr

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Reloop keyfadr + Ableton Live  Lite

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Reloop keyfadr

USB midi klavijatura sa 25 mini tipki i 8 fajdera , 16 enkodera, DAW kontrolom i Ableton Live Lite  softverom.

Compact USB MIDI keyboard with DAW control

Combines the most useful functions for music production

Ableton Live 9 Lite included


Combines the most useful functions for music production into one device Keyboard: 25 mini keys with 9 playable octaves
Control section: 8 Channel faders with endless encoders (pan), including 2 control knobs, (send/return) and three backlit function buttons (mute, solo, rec)
Full integration and easy plug and play for Ableton Live 9
DAW transport controls (play, stop, rec, scene up/down, play/ stop clips, overdub, set marker, marker left/right, cycle, tap, metronome)
On board appregiator with multiple modes and internal/external midi clock
Chord feature: Easily play the most common chords in this versatile mode
Scale mode: Choose from four different scales and always hit the right key
Shift button for second layer control and choose between two performance scenes
Fully USB powered controller requires no external power source
Other midi mappings available as download
Ableton Live 9 Lite included / value upgrade opportunity

Ableton Live 10 Standard, UPG from Live Lite