Reloop The Terminal Mix 8 + Serato DJ

Reloop The Terminal Mix 8 + Serato DJ

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Reloop Mixon 4


TM8 – Terminal Mix 8 – pro dj kontroler vrhunske kvalitete koji dolazi sa Serato DJ softverom.


Reloop has developed a 4-deck pad-based performance controller designed to work intimately with the popular SERATO DJ software. The controller was developed in close cooperation with Serato, and it responds to the requirements of professional club DJs who want to offer spectacular live performances with creative effect manipulation and unique controllerist possibilities. Endorsed with the same premium features and build that have made Terminal Mix controllers instantly recognisable around the world, but expanding on its forbears thanks to a sophisticated performance section with touch-sensitive multi-colour drum pads, the Terminal Mix 8 is a true whiz kid.


The centerpiece of the Terminal Mix 8 is the clearly laid-out and intuitive PAD performance section, where 16 touch-sensitive RGB drum pads can be used to trigger cue points, loops, samples & a slicer effect.


The Slice and Loop modes allow creative re-arrangements on the fly. With the Slice button activated, the playing track will be chopped up into 8 equal parts that are distributed across the respective drum pads – offering DJs quick access to on-the-fly musical mash-ups. In Loop mode it is possible to store and trigger up to 8 loops with varying lengths. The loop lengths can be determined in real time by the dedicated loop size encoder for fast auto loops and loop roll effects.


In addition to this, all banks of the mighty Serato DJ SP-6 sampler can be easily accesed and intuitively triggered with the Terminal Mix 8, and 8 cue points per track can be stored and triggered in real-time.


The colour-coded pads allow visual feedback regarding status and selection of the selected performance mode, so even in dark club surroundings DJs can easily distinguish which mode they’re in. In DUAL mode 2 modes can be combined for an even more advanced show. By activating this mode, the upper row of drum pads can be set for one performance mode, with a different selection applied to the bottom row. This means you could access the SP-6 sampler with the top row, while the lower row can access loops at the same time – opening up new realms of possibilities.


The extensive effect section offers 3 rotary knobs, an endless encoder and 4 buttons, making it easy and intuitive to control the complete range of Serato DJ’s iZotope-powered effects. (FX-Engine by iZotope).


The clearly structured, ergonomically intuitive mixer/player design is ideally suited to a professional DJ’s traditional workflow, and offers new improvements on previous Terminal Mix models. The large, rubberized filter knobs on each channel enable especially smooth filter sweeps. Smooth fades and hard cuts can be carried out effectively via the high-quality, club standard faders – including the adjustable crossfader curve and assign buttons on the front of the TM8.


The unit is finished off with the same XXL high-quality quality jog wheels that are found on the scratch-friendly Terminal Mix 4. These 15.5cm diameter, anti-skidding vinyl surface jogs feature alongside the high-resolution 14-bit, 100 mm pitchfaders for precise beat matching and playback control.


On the device's rear panel, the built-in audio interface offers sufficient connections to easily connect directly to any club, PA or home set-up. Via gain mixing it is also possible to perfectly adjust volume per track: the level meter is selectable for channel as well as master output. A mic connection with 1-band EQ and an Auxiliary input with flexible routing switch allows additional external sound sources to be routed through the controller as well.


The Terminal Mix 8 comes plug-and-play-ready with the latest full version of Serato DJ.

Terminal Mix 8

Get ready for take off


4-deck SERATO DJ performance PAD controller
Seamless hardware integration for the newest flagship DJ software SERATO DJ (full version included)
Easy plug 'n' play: Simply connect to your computer and start mixing MP3s
Sturdy construction with high-quality elements in club size & quality
Ergonomic and intuitive mixer/player design for optimal work flow
Performance PAD section: 16x velocity-sensitive RGB drum pads for triggering HOT CUEs, loops,
samples & slicer
Colour-coded trigger pads give visual feedback about status and selection
DUAL mode: Two performance modes can be combined
SLICER performance modes for cutting and mashing up your tracks
Up to eight HOT CUES/LOOPS can be triggered on each deck
Mighty SP-6 sample bank control with dedicated volume and output selection (with sync)
Dedicated LOOP encoder for quick auto-loops and LOOP ROLL effects
SLIP mode for creative live remixing (with visual feedback control)
Dedicated sound filter on each channel
Fader-start feature: Easy CUE control with the channel fader
Quick-skip: Fast search within a track
Slim-profile XXL jog wheels with vinly grip surface and superior scratching experience
Control many, stunning DJ effects (FX engine by iZotope) with 2 FX units
Punchy, integrated USB audio club interface with multiple connections for a flexible DJ setup
Level meter for channel input and master output (selectable on the rear panel)
Crossfader curve & assignment on the front panel
100 mm pitch fader (14-bit) with range and keylock feature
Mouse-less playlist navigation
Power house interface: Connect your PA with balanced 6.3 mm jack outputs or unbalanced stereo RCA outputs

Stereo input (with phono pre-amp) for connecting a playback device (e.g. MP3 player, iPhone, CD player or turntable) with flexible input routing on the rear panel
Stereo RCA booth outputs for additional DJ monitors
2x headphones connections on the front panel: 3.5 mm & 6.3 mm stereo jack incl. EQ control
6.3 mm jack mic input with volume control and EQ control on the front panel
SHIFT buttons for second layer control
Anti-theft: Kensington lock slot
ASIO drivers (CORE compliant) with minimal latency and highest audio characteristics (PC/Mac)
MIDI-ready: Compatible with every DJ software such as Traktor PRO 2 etc.