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The Elastik Inspire Serie – Rock offers you great inspiration for professional rock productions.
The first-class produced instrument tracks including drums, bass, guitars, piano, synths and organ tracks can easily be arranged to create your own rock song.

In the new release are more than 3.4 GB and 1350 licks and loops consisting of 4 bar and 8 bar. Some guitar solos are even 16 bars long. The Rock-Library is just the right venture for new, rock and atmospheric music production like Alternative, Garage, Grunge, Glam, Psychedelia, Punk, Surf and Indie.

The dynamic played drums include the mix or the individual tracks like bass drum, snare drum, hihat closed, hihat open and ride. They can be combined with additional tom loops, break parts, drum solos and especially with drum add- ons like cowbell, crash loops, tambourine, percussion fx and snare rolls.

Create over 100.000 Rock drum grooves within seconds.

730 instruments loops containing: electric bass, synthesizer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ and piano. The electric guitars played & recorded in various styles & sounds such as solo, rhythmic, tremolo, crunch, clean and distortion.
The combination of the previously published packages Funk&Soul, House and Urban give you the possibility to cross over the genres and built new sound diversities.