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Sibelius Ultimate Trade-Up (Perpet, Edu)

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Upgrade version of the Perpetual licence. Update a previous software version to the latest release at a reduced cost. Suitable for trade-up from Sibelius, Sibelius First 5 to 8.X, Sibelius Student, G7, or Instrumental Teacher Edition

This is a one-time purchase that grants you access to the software licence forever.

It also includes 12 months of AVID’s Support and Updates plan. This means that for a full year after activating your software, you’ll have access to support directly from AVID, and will be able to upgrade to the latest versions via download as soon as they are released.

After the initial 12 months you can renew the Support and Updates plan, and there is also an option to re-start a plan after it has expired.

This is an Education version and enables teachers and students in full-time education to purchase the software at a discounted price.

This must be verified via the Identit-e system before the software can be used. Details on Eligibility can be found here. [Link =]


From concert halls and scoring stages, to sheet music stores and classrooms, more composers, arrangers, publishers, and educators use Sibelius®—the world’s best selling notation software—than any other. And now with new Sibelius Cloud Sharing, plus many recently added features and advancements, Sibelius makes the entire music writing, collaboration, and delivery experience even easier than ever. Whether you’re composing for a live performance, media entertainment, or in the classroom, nothing empowers you to write music like Sibelius.

Sibelius Ultimate (formerly Sibelius) offers an extensive set of notation and layout tools for professional composition and scoring. Whether you’re well versed in writing music notation or prefer to use a keyboard, guitar, or your voice to enter notes, creating music has never been easier. Save tons of time with unique tools such as Magnetic Layout and Dynamic Parts. Get access to over 150 plug-ins that help you edit, arrange, and clean up layouts. You can even store ideas and small snippets of music in the Ideas library for later reuse.

Sibelius Cloud Sharing opens up a whole new way of working. This groundbreaking technology enables you to share scores from Sibelius Ultimate to your own personal cloud space (included free), or scores in a webpage, and invite anyone to flip through pages and play your compositions using any computer, laptop, or mobile device. It’s ideal for previewing and reviewing musical works in the studio, in the classroom, or on a sound stage.

With 36 GB of professional content, including a specially recorded symphony orchestra; rock, pop, and jazz instrumentation; world-class licensed sounds; and much more, you can play back and hear every nuance of your composition in stunningly realistic detail. Plus, Espressivo 2.0 enables you to add more expressive and realistic “feel” or rhythmic swing to any part of your score.

Sibelius Ultimate integrates with both music and audio post workflows. Compose themes in the software, then move your composition to Pro Tools® to build cues to picture. Share scores with collaborators and musicians in the cloud, printed on sheet music, through MusicXML, or on an iPad running Avid Scorch®. And easily communicate changes and feedback using annotations.

Create beautiful, professional-looking scores easily using a full accompaniment of desktop publishing tools. Colourise notes. Customise staff sizes. Perfect text with tracking, leading, and other typography tools. Add graphics using drag-and-drop. When finished, you can easily export publisher-quality scores as PDFs with just one click.

Sibelius Ultimate comes bundled with AudioScore Lite and PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, enabling you to transcribe and scan music into the software. With AudioScore Lite, you can input notes into Sibelius by singing or playing an instrument, or importing music from a CD. With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, you can scan printed and handwritten music and send to Sibelius for playback, transposing, and editing. You can even draw music notation with your finger or Surface Pro Pen and see it convert to notation instantly.

Only Sibelius Ultimate offers a complete end-to-end work ow that takes you from initial idea to publishing and selling music online. Sibelius Cloud Publishing technology enhances the sheet music shopping experience, enabling your customers to view, play, change instruments, and transpose your music on any device before buying—without requiring a plug-in—and then print a high-quality version of the score once they do.

Sibelius Ultimate is ideal for teaching music notation, composition, and theory to students of all ages. It includes over 1,700 ready-made teaching materials, including worksheets, projects, and exercises, as well as a Classroom Control window to track and freeze your students’ progress. In addition, Sibelius network licensing makes it easy to assign licenses to students on any computer—even their own.


• Compose quickly and easily with a task- oriented interface that leads you through your entire score creation
• Supercharge your workflow with multi-edit capabilities and direct task execution in the ribbon
• Connect with others in the Avid Artist Community for promotion, feedback, and collaboration opportunities
• Share scores with anyone on your own free personal cloud space
• Effortlessly glide through music with Magnetic Glissando
• Get access to all new releases, plus support, with the Sibelius Ultimate Software Updates + Support Plan— included with all active subscriptions, or provided with perpetual licenses as a renewable annual plan
• Write and edit scores using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet and pen
• Create reminders for yourself and communicate feedback to others with the Annotate feature
• Get unrivaled expressiveness and feel with the fully redesigned Espressivo 2.0
• Navigate through large scores quickly with the Timeline window
• Get professional-quality sound with the included 36 GB Sibelius Sounds library
• Save hours of time with powerful features such as Magnetic Layout and Dynamic Parts
• Create beautiful, professional-quality scores with full DTP-level layout, text, and typography tools
• Scan and transcribe music with PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite and AudioScore Lite, included
• Send your scores to Pro Tools and other DAWs using ReWire, included
• Collaborate with others by sharing scores over email or through MusicXML
• Share scores on
• Export a video file of your score for others to see and hear your work
• Export scores directly to Avid Scorch on your iPad for playback, practice, performance, and publishing