Sound it! 8 Basic – Mac

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Audio Editor to process & master recordings

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        Audio Editor to process & master recordings – Mac – VST-2, VST-3, AU
                 Internet Co. Sound It! 8 Basic provides sound engineers with a versatile software to record, edit, and process high-resolution, 2-track audio at up to 192 kHz / 24-bit, for music, film, television, radio, and live sound applications.
                 Recording is quick and easy with automatic recording between markers, time-shift recording, and auto-stop recording. Audio tracks are displayed in the Media Browser window where they can be previewed and opened using your mouse. The software’s editing functions include fade-in/out, reverse, insert blank, audio-format conversion (bit resolution/sampling rate/channel), invert phase, swap channel, gain control, normalize, and more.
                 Sound It! 8 Basic’s mixer includes input and output faders, a monitor send, panning, and two slots for simultaneous effects plug-ins. The software comes with 25 effect plug-ins including EQs, dynamics, reverb, and specialized processors. Also included are Sonnox’ De-Noiser, De-Clicker, and De-Buzzer plug-ins, ideal for restoring problematic audio.
                 Sound it! come with three types of Sonnox restoration plug-ins, De-Noiser, De-Clicker, and De-Buzzer can accurately remove clicks, crackles, and buzzes. Sonnox plug-ins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing and mastering music, film, television, radio, and live sound.
                 Bundled Effect Plug-Ins
                 Sound it! 8 Pro bundles 49 powerful effect plug-ins, including the high-end Sonnox effects, EQ, Limiter, and Reverb, also fully compatible to native 64bit Operating systems and VST3.
* Basic bundles 25 effect plug-ins.
                 Vst2/3 and Audio Units (AU) Support
                 * Audio Units (AU) are available on only Macintosh edition.
                 Music CD Burning / Ripping
                 You can create music CD with adjusting levels and equalization. Also pre-gap time in 10ms (Basic:1s) increments gap-less and crossfade settings between tracks can be configurable.
Sound it! 8 Pro supports CD-TEXT.
* CD-TEXT can be shown by CD-TEXT compatible player.
* For burning music CD with CD-TEXT, CD-TEXT compatible disc drive (RAW+96 or RAW+96(P) compatible) is needed.
                  Create ACID Files
                 Easy to create ACID files, specifying a tempo, a beat or a root note name and saving with the WAV (Linear PCM) formats. These files are used in any other DAW softwares compatible with ACID files.

              cpu:   64 bit Intel multi-core processor* / Apple Silicon (macOS Big Sur) * Intel i3 or higher are recommended.
              ram:   4
              disk:   200
              notes:   OS X Mavericks (10.9) / OS X Yosemite (10.10) / OS X El Capitan (10.11) / macOS Sierra (10.12) / macOS High Sierra (10.13) / macOS Mojave (10.14) / macOS Catalina (10.15) / macOS Big Sur (11.0) * Compatible with English and Japanese-language operating sys
              additional_requirements:   Display: 1366×768 or more.
Internal device installed in the Mac you wish to use the program on or external USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles). If using USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles). As a authentication device, installations and activations are ava
              audio_card:   OS compatible audio interface hardware
              internet required:   no
        trial:   no
        feature: 2-track audio recording, editing, and processing for music, film, television, radio, and live sound applications
                 192 kHz / 24-bit high-resolution audio
                 Includes 25 bundled plug-ins
                 Media browser lets you display, preview, and open audio file with drag-and-drop functionality
                 Supports VST2 and VST3 plug-in formats
                 Operate with mouse and built-in and assignable keyboard shortcuts
                 Touch operation is supported with Windows 7 or later
                 Timeline scale of the edit window supports time, samples, and beats
                 Tempo (BPM) and beat can be set by clicking the mouse button or pressing the Enter key on the keyboard manually, while keeping time with the played sound
                 Transport panel with jog wheel lets you control the playback speed
                 Zoom in/out selected audio area
                 Easily move waveform view area by dragging it in the Edit window with the hand cursor
                 20GB maximum file size in WMA, MP3, and the company’s proprietary SIA format
                 4GB maximum file size in WAV format
                 Automatic recording start and stop times
                 Time Shift recording mode—start recording at a specified time from the release of the Pause button
                 Auto Stop recording—stop recording automatically after a time is specified
                 Processing includes fade-in/out, reverse, insert blank, audio format conversion (bit resolution/sampling rate/channel), invert phase, swap channel, gain (level) control, normalize
                 Open and edit multiple files at the same time
                 Markers enable you to set edit and record points
                 Auto Silence detection allows you to automatically add division or region markers after detecting silence
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        platforms: mac