Spectrasonics Keyscape

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Spectrasonics Keyscape Software Instrument, Sound Library sa USB instalacijskim diskom

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Spectrasonics Keyscape

box verzija

najveci izbor sampliranih klavijatura od akustičnih do električnih klavira u jednom paketu.

dolazi sa 2 USB drajva !

Spectrasonics Keyscape is an extraordinary new virtual instrument featuring the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. From “holy grail” pianos to stunning keyboards you didn’t even know existed, this is a keyboardist’s dream come true.


Ten years in the making, each of these sought-after keyboards was carefully restored and then deeply multisampled by the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development Team. These compelling and highly expressive sounds will inspire you to PLAY!

The process began with going to the ends of the earth to find and restore each one of these rare and incredibly special instruments with the top technicians and expert craftsmen from each discipline.

We even went as far as spending years redoing these instruments from scratch again and again until they were totally “right.” This incredible attention to detail and meticulous care given to each instrument allowed us to develop these sounds to a whole new level of authentic tone.

Spectrasonics Keyscape Creative Library

now also includes this cutting-edge library of over 1200 patches specially designed for users who also have Omnisphere 2. The richly detailed keyboard sounds of Keyscape have been dramatically transformed using Omnisphere’s deep synthesis capabilities. These truly amazing patches offer an extremely wide variety of in

Spectrasonics Keyscape Technical Specifications
• Huge library with over 500 “Best-in-class” sounds, 36 Instrument Models and Hybrid “Duo” Patches
• Deeply Multisampled sounds with up to 32-way velocity switching, Round Robins, etc.
• Mechanical Noise, Pedal Noise and Release Noise behavior modeling
• Patches feature authentic circuit modeled amplifiers and effects
• Boxed USB Drives Edition
• Optional “Lite” installation (30 GB) for stage use
• Full Omnisphere® 2 integration


(450 Patches) SOUNDSOURCES
(179 Soundsources)
– 43 PatchesLA Custom C7 Grand Piano
LA Custom C7 – Ballad
LA Custom C7 – Bright
LA Custom C7 – Cinematic
LA Custom C7 – Classical
LA Custom C7 – Club
LA Custom C7 – Dark Score
LA Custom C7 – Hard
LA Custom C7 – Indie
LA Custom C7 – Mellow
LA Custom C7 – Natural
LA Custom C7 – Pop
LA Custom C7 – Rich Ballad
LA Custom C7 – Rock
LA Custom C7 – Soft Pop
LA Custom C7 – Softest
LA Custom C7 – Stage
LA Custom C7 – Studio
LA Custom C7 – Unreal Smash
LA Custom C7 – Vinyl
LA Custom C7 – Wash
Wing Tack Piano
Wing Tack Piano – Aged
Wing Tack Piano – Bright
Wing Tack Piano – Desolate Tremolo
Wing Tack Piano – Forsaken
Wing Tack Piano – Mono Comp
Wing Tack Piano – Mono
Wing Tack Piano – Slow Tremolo
Wing Tack Piano – Tremolo
Wing Tack Piano – Vinyl
Wing Upright
Wing Upright – Dark Indie
Wing Upright – Honky Tonk
Wing Upright – Lonely Basement
Wing Upright – Mono Bright
Wing Upright – Mono Dark
Wing Upright – Mono
Wing Upright – Octave Mono
Wing Upright – Octave Stereo
Wing Upright – Sixties Mute
Wing Upright – Tremolo
Wing Upright – Vinyl VibratoBELLTONE KEYBOARDS
– 50 PatchesCeleste
Celeste – Dry
Celeste – Music Box
Celeste – Orchestral
Celeste – Retro Pluck Spin
Celeste – Scoring Stage
Celeste – Simple
Celeste – Staccato Broken
Celeste – Staccato Dry
Celeste – Staccato Soft Church
Celeste – Staccato Tape Echo
Celeste – Staccato
Celeste – Vibra Retro
Celeste – Vintage Tremolo
Celeste – Wash Infinite
Chimeatron – Chimes
Chimeatron – Chimes Belltower
Chimeatron – Chimes Big Bells
Chimeatron – Chimes Dreamland
Chimeatron – Chimes Tolling Bells
Chimeatron – Chimes Tremolo
Chimeatron – Vibraharp
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Dreams
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Dry Mono
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Indie Sines
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Octa Dry
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Octa Wash
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Pluck Space
Chimeatron – Vibraharp Shakes
Dulcitone – Christmas
Dulcitone – Clear Bells
Dulcitone – Dream
Dulcitone – Musicbox
Dulcitone – Octabell
Dulcitone – Octapluck
Dulcitone – Octavo
Dulcitone – Soaked
Dulcitone – Soft Church
Duo – Celechimes
Duo – Christmas Blend
Duo – Dulcelesta
Duo – Glock Celeste
Duo – Glock Fairydust
Duo – Organic Chimer
Duo – Pianet Vibrabell
Duo – Plectrum Celeste
Duo – Spinner Chime
Duo – Underwater Chimes
Duo – Vibrabell WashCLAVINETS
– 44 PatchesClavinet C
Clavinet C – Brite Rhythm
Clavinet C – Classic Wah
Clavinet C – Cry Baby
Clavinet C – Eighties Chorus
Clavinet C – Guitarish
Clavinet C – Juicy Filter
Clavinet C – Lead Wah 1
Clavinet C – Lead Wah 2
Clavinet C – Muted
Clavinet C – Phaser
Clavinet C – Retro Amp 1
Clavinet C – Retro Amp 2
Clavinet C – Retro Amp 3
Clavinet C – Wah Brite
Clavinet C – Wah Crunch
Clavinet C – Wah Damping
Clavinet-Pianet DUO
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Sixties
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Phaser
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Muted Vibra
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Liquid Wah
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Lead Wah
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Fulltone Vibra
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Damped Phase
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Cry Wah
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Auto-Wah
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Amp
Clavinet-Pianet DUO – 80s Chorus
Vibanet – Amp
Vibanet – Amp Mute
Vibanet – Amp Phaser
Vibanet – Amp Thin Rhythm
Vibanet – Brite Rhythm Wah
Vibanet – Brite Wah
Vibanet – Chorus Shimmer
Vibanet – Echowarp
Vibanet – Funky Phaser Mute
Vibanet – Juicy Env Filter Brite
Vibanet – Juicy Env Filter
Vibanet – Retro Vibrato Amp
Vibanet – Univibe Wash
Vibanet – Vibramute

– 141 Patches

Rhodes – LA Custom
Rhodes – LA Custom Chorus
Rhodes – LA Custom Funky Comp
Rhodes – LA Custom Stereo Phaser
Rhodes – LA Custom Suitcase
Rhodes – LA Custom Univibe
Rhodes – LA Custom Warm
Rhodes – LA Custom Lush
Rhodes – LA Custom Percussive
Rhodes – LA Custom Suitcase Warm
Rhodes – LA Custom Brite 80s
Rhodes – LA Custom Vibra
Rhodes – LA Custom MXR Phase 90
Rhodes – LA Custom Retro Trem
Rhodes – LA Custom Suitcase 80s
Rhodes – LA Custom Old Sampler
Rhodes – Classic
Rhodes – Classic Phaser
Rhodes – Classic Chorus
Rhodes – Classic Ballad
Rhodes – Classic Late 70s
Rhodes – Classic Suitcase
Rhodes – Classic Suitcase Studio
Rhodes – Classic Suitcase Lush
Rhodes – Classic Suitcase Shimmer
Rhodes – Classic Suitcase Spacey
Rhodes – Classic Amp
Rhodes – Classic Amp Warm Blues
Rhodes – Classic Amp Crunchy
Rhodes – Classic Amp Blues Driver
Rhodes – Classic Amp Stereo Phaser
Rhodes – Classic Amp Clean Dry
Rhodes – Classic Amp Early 70s
Rhodes – Classic Amp Phase 90
Rhodes – Classic Amp Lush Chorus
Rhodes – Classic Mellow
Rhodes – Classic Mellow 1972
Rhodes – Classic Mellow Dark Phase
Rhodes – Classic Wah
Rhodes – Classic Wah Juicy Trem
Wurlitzer 140B
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Warm
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Crunchy
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Crunch Funk
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Distortion
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Phaser
Wurlitzer 140B – Amp Wide Tremolo
Wurlitzer 140B – Choruspace
Wurlitzer 140B – Fast Vibrato
Wurlitzer 140B – Vibraspace
Wurlitzer 200A
Wurlitzer 200A – Rocker Blues
Wurlitzer 200A – Rocker 1
Wurlitzer 200A – Rocker 2
Wurlitzer 200A – Retro Phaser
Wurlitzer 200A – Mellow Noise
Wurlitzer 200A – Phaser
Wurlitzer 200A – Chorus Wash
Wurlitzer 200A – Speaker
Wurlitzer 200A – Vibrato
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp Crunch
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp Phaser
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp Studio
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp Univibe
Vintage Vibe EP – Amp Warm
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase Chorus
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase Dark
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase Phaser
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase Vibra 1
Vintage Vibe EP – Suitcase Vibra 2
Vintage Vibe EP – Drive Wah
Vintage Vibe EP – Juicy Tremolo
Vintage Vibe EP – Wah
Pianet M
Pianet M – Vibra
Pianet M – Crunchy 1
Pianet M – Crunchy 2
Pianet M – Phaser
Pianet M – Univibe
Pianet M – Extra Hard
Pianet M – Deep Phase
Pianet M – Phasedrive
Pianet M – Watery
Pianet N
Pianet N – Warm Twin
Pianet N – Fuzz Face
Pianet N – Overdriven
Pianet N – Rocker
Pianet N – Rocker Blues
Pianet N – Spin
Pianet N – Tremolo Crunch
Pianet N – Bluesy AC-30
Pianet N – Crunch Vox
Pianet N – Extra Hard
Pianet T
Pianet T – Belltone Tremolo
Pianet T – Phaser
Pianet T – Plucky Chorus
Pianet T – Echospace
Pianet T – Echoshift
Pianet T – Blue Octaves
Pianet T – Indie Lullaby
Pianet T – Mellow Noise
Pianet T – Retro Vibe
Weltmeister Claviset E.Piano
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Crunch
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Mellow
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Trashy 1
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Trashy 2
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Vibra
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Univibe
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Spacey
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Retropluck
Weltmeister Claviset EP – Retroctave
Electric Grand CP70
Electric Grand CP70 – Dry
Electric Grand CP70 – Amp
Electric Grand CP70 – Indie
Electric Grand CP70 – Liquid Space
Electric Grand CP70 – Tremolo
Electric Grand CP70 – Octaves
Electric Grand CP70 – Hard Amp
Electric Grand CP70 – Trippy
Electric Grand CP70 – Vibra
Duo – Classic Super Chorus
Duo – Enhanced Seventies
Duo – Gold Star
Duo – Hollywood Rhodes
Duo – Indie Mood
Duo – Jersey Vibe 1
Duo – Jersey Vibe 2
Duo – Liquid Vibrato
Duo – Luscious Seventies
Duo – Mellow Phase Vibe
Duo – Stage MIDI Rhodes
Duo – Suitcase MIDI Rhodes
Duo – Ultra 80s MIDI

– 23 Patches

Duo – Angelic Plectrum Piano
Duo – Brian’s Pet Sounds
Duo – Cinematic Tremolo
Duo – Clavichord Jangle
Duo – Dulcitonia
Duo – Electric Acoustic Grand
Duo – Hybrid Electric Grand
Duo – LA Piano + LA Rhodes
Duo – LA Piano + MKS EP
Duo – LA Piano + MKS Piano
Duo – Piano Space Wash
Duo – Plectrum Pianola
Duo – Scoring Pianoceleste
Duo – Tack Grand
Duo – Tack Rhodes
Duo – Tacked Harpsichord
Duo – Tiny Saloon
Duo – Triumphant Victory
Duo – Uber Upright
Duo – Ukrainian Piano
Duo – Upright Harpsivibe
Duo – Upright Innocence
Duo – Yuletide

– 27 Patches

Rhodes Piano Bass
Rhodes Piano Bass – Dark
Rhodes Piano Bass – Deep
Rhodes Piano Bass – Drive 1
Rhodes Piano Bass – Drive 2
Rhodes Piano Bass – Drive 3
Rhodes Piano Bass – Drive 4
Rhodes Piano Bass – Smooth
Rhodes Piano Bass – Solid
Rhodes Piano Bass – Thump
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Bark
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Crunch
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Driver
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Mini EP 1
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Mini EP 2
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Octathump
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Sola
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Thumper 1
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass – Thumper 2
Weltmeister Basset 1
Weltmeister Basset 2
Weltmeister Basset – Drive Octo
Weltmeister Basset – Fuzzy 1
Weltmeister Basset – Fuzzy 2
Weltmeister Basset – Solid Octo
Weltmeister Basset – Solid Sub

– 18 Patches

Mini Student Butterfly Piano
Mini Student Butterfly – Accent
Mini Student Butterfly – Aged
Mini Student Butterfly – Chimey
Mini Student Butterfly – Distant
Mini Student Butterfly – Mono
Mini Student Butterfly – Octave
Mini Student Butterfly – Pluck
Mini Student Butterfly – Vibra
Mini Student Butterfly – Vinyl
Mini Student Butterfly – Wash
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Mono
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Old Toy
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Retrospace
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Room
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Vinyl
Rhodes 1946 Pre-Piano – Wash

– 34 Patches

Clavichord – Bright Octave
Clavichord – Bright
Clavichord – Cathedral
Clavichord – Epic Cinema
Clavichord – Epic Octobass
Clavichord – Epic Vibrato
Clavichord – Folk
Clavichord – Mono
Clavichord – Sustain
Dolceola – 1901
Dolceola – Antique
Dolceola – Ceremonial
Dolceola – Mono
Dolceola – Morricone Dry
Dolceola – Morricone Wet
Dolceola – Octavo
Dolceola – Reckoning
Dolceola – Shimmer
Electric Harpsichord
Electric Harpsichord – Brite
Electric Harpsichord – Fast Tremolo
Electric Harpsichord – Full Stereo
Electric Harpsichord – Muted Phase
Electric Harpsichord – Muted Vibra
Electric Harpsichord – Muted
Electric Harpsichord – Odd Couple
Electric Harpsichord – Retro
Electric Harpsichord – Slow Phase
Electric Harpsichord – Thin Dry
Electric Harpsichord – Thin Stereo
Electric Harpsichord – Vibra
Electric Harpsichord – Warm

– 37 Patches

Toy Piano – Classic
Toy Piano – Classic Mono
Toy Piano – Classic Octave Pluck
Toy Piano – Classic Olden Days
Toy Piano – Classic Retro
Toy Piano – Classic Room
Toy Piano – Classic Shifted Pluck
Toy Piano – Classic Shiny
Toy Piano – Classic Spring Pluck
Toy Piano – Classic Wash
Toy Piano – Glock
Toy Piano – Glock Dimension
Toy Piano – Glock Dry Bells
Toy Piano – Glock Dry Mono
Toy Piano – Glock Octave
Toy Piano – Glock Room
Toy Piano – Glock Soft Space
Toy Piano – Glock Sparkle Bell
Toy Piano – Glock Vinyl
Toy Piano – Glock Warped
Toy Piano – Grand
Toy Piano – Grand Distant
Toy Piano – Grand Dry
Toy Piano – Grand Haunted
Toy Piano – Grand LoFi
Toy Piano – Grand Mono
Toy Piano – Grand Retro
Toy Piano – Grand Room
Toy Piano – Grand Vibrato
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Distant
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Fairydust
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Mono
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Shine
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Underwater
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Vinyl
Toy Piano – Saucer Bell Wash

– 17 Patches

JD-800 – Crystal Dreamphase
JD-800 – Crystal Rhodes
JD-800 – Crystal Tremopad
JD-800 – Crystal Wash
MK-80 Rhodes
MK-80 Rhodes – Celeste
MK-80 Rhodes – Combo
MK-80 Rhodes – Lush Octavia
MK-80 Rhodes – Wide Stereo
MKS-20 – E.Piano 1
MKS-20 – E.Piano 2
MKS-20 – Electric Grand
MKS-20 – Vibes
Duo – Hybrid Digital E.Grand
Duo – Hybrid Digital E.Piano 1
Duo – Hybrid Digital E.Piano 2
Duo – Hybrid Digital E.Piano 3

– 16 Patches

Harmochord – 8+4
Harmochord – 16+8
Harmochord – 16+8+4
Harmochord – Ambient Reeds
Harmochord – Cathedral
Harmochord – Charmer
Harmochord – Dronescape Deep
Harmochord – Dronescape
Harmochord – Dry Slow
Harmochord – Fast Pump
Harmochord – Musette Octaves
Harmochord – Musette
Harmochord – Retro Vibrato
Harmochord – Slow Stops
Harmochord – Vinyl Vibrato

-179 Soundsources

Bassett I Mechanical ^ RR
Bassett II Mechanical ^ RR
Chimeatron Chimes Release
Chimeatron Chimes RR
Chimeatron Vibraharp Fast Release
Chimeatron Vibraharp Fast RR
Chimeatron Vibraharp Slow Release Lite
Chimeatron Vibraharp Slow Release
Chimeatron Vibraharp Slow RR Lite
Chimeatron Vibraharp Slow RR
Classic Rhodes ^
Classic Rhodes Amp ^
Classic Rhodes Mechanical ^ RR
Classic Rhodes Mechanical Release
Classic Rhodes Mellow ^
Classic Rhodes Release Lite
Classic Rhodes Release
Classic Rhodes Suitcase ^ Alt1
Classic Rhodes Suitcase ^
Classic Rhodes Wah ^
Classic Toy Piano Release
Classic Toy Piano
Clavichord a ^ RR
Clavichord b ^ RR Lite
Clavichord b ^ RR
Clavichord Release Lite
Clavichord Release
Clavinet C ^
Clavinet C Release
Dolceola ^ RR Lite
Dolceola ^ RR
Dolceola Release Lite
Dolceola Release
Dulcitone ^ RR Alt1 Lite
Dulcitone ^ RR Alt1
Dulcitone ^ RR Lite
Dulcitone ^ RR
Dulcitone Release Lite
Dulcitone Release
E6 Duo Clavinet ^
E6 Duo Pianet ^
Electric Harpsichord Clean ^ RR
Electric Harpsichord Mute ^ RR
Electric Harpsichord Mute Release Lite
Electric Harpsichord Mute Release
Electric Harpsichord Release
Glock Toy Piano ^ RR Alt1
Glock Toy Piano ^ RR Alt2
Glock Toy Piano ^ RR Alt3
Glock Toy Piano ^ RR
Glock Toy Piano Release Lite
Glock Toy Piano Release
Grand Toy Piano ^ RR
Grand Toy Piano Release
Harmochord ^ RR
Harmochord Release
JD-800 Crystal Rhodes ^
LA Custom C7 ^ Harder Lite
LA Custom C7 ^ Harder
LA Custom C7 ^ Hardest Lite
LA Custom C7 ^ Hardest
LA Custom C7 ^ Lite
LA Custom C7 ^ Softer
LA Custom C7 ^ Softest Lite
LA Custom C7 ^ Softest
LA Custom C7 ^ Uber Hard
LA Custom C7 ^
LA Custom C7 Pedal Noise RR
LA Custom C7 Release Lite
LA Custom C7 Release
LA Custom Rhodes ^ Alt1 Lite
LA Custom Rhodes ^ Alt1
LA Custom Rhodes ^ Floppy
LA Custom Rhodes ^
LA Custom Rhodes Mechanical ^ RR
LA Custom Rhodes Mechanical Pedal Noise RR
LA Custom Rhodes Mechanical Release
LA Custom Rhodes Pedal Noise RR
LA Custom Rhodes Release Lite
LA Custom Rhodes Release
MK-80 Celeste ^
MK-80 Contemporary Rhodes ^ Lite
MK-80 Contemporary Rhodes ^
MKS-20 E Piano 1 ^ Alt1
MKS-20 E Piano 1 ^
MKS-20 E Piano 2 ^
MKS-20 Electric Grand ^ Lite
MKS-20 Electric Grand ^
MKS-20 Vibes ^
Pianet M a ^
Pianet M b ^
Pianet M Mechanical Noise RR
Pianet N a ^
Pianet N b ^
Pianet N Mechanical Noise RR
Pianet N Release
Pianet T ^
Pianet T Mechanical Noise RR
Pianet T Mechanical Release
Pianet T Release
Rhodes Bass ^ RR
Rhodes Bass Mechanical Noise ^ RR
Rhodes Bass Release
Rhodes Pre-Piano ^ RR
Rhodes Pre-Piano Release
Saucer Bell Toy Piano ^ RR Alt1
Saucer Bell Toy Piano ^ RR
Saucer Bell Toy Piano Release
Simone Celeste ^ RR Alt1
Simone Celeste ^ RR
Simone Celeste Release
Simone Celeste Staccato ^ RR
Simone Celeste Vibra-Retro ^ RR
Student Mini-Piano ^ RR
Student Mini-Piano Release
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano ^
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano Amp ^
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano Release
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano Suitcase ^
Vintage Vibe Electric Piano Wah ^
Vintage Vibe EP Mechanical 1 ^ RR
Vintage Vibe EP Mechanical 2 ^ RR
Vintage Vibe TB Mechanical ^ RR
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass ^
Vintage Vibe Tine Bass Release
Vintage Vibe Vibanet ^
Vintage Vibe Vibanet Release
Vinyl Keyscape 01
Vinyl Keyscape 02
Vinyl Keyscape 03
Vinyl Keyscape 04
Vinyl Keyscape 05
Vinyl Keyscape 06
Vinyl Keyscape 07
Vinyl Keyscape 08
Vinyl Keyscape 09
Vinyl Keyscape 10
Vinyl Keyscape 11
Weltmeister Bassett I ^ RR
Weltmeister Bassett I Release
Weltmeister Bassett II ^
Weltmeister Claviset ^ RR
Weltmeister Claviset Bass ^ RR
Weltmeister Claviset Bass Release
Weltmeister Claviset Guitar ^ RR
Weltmeister Claviset Guitar Release
Weltmeister Claviset Mechanical ^ RR
Weltmeister Claviset Release
Weltmeister Claviset Tutti ^ RR
Weltmeister Claviset Tutti Release
Wing Tack Piano ^ Mono
Wing Tack Piano ^ Stereo
Wing Tack Tremolo ^ Mono
Wing Tack Tremolo ^ Stereo
Wing Upright Pedal Noise RR Mono
Wing Upright Pedal Noise RR Stereo
Wing Upright Piano ^ Mono
Wing Upright Piano ^ Stereo
Wing Upright Piano Release Mono Lite
Wing Upright Piano Release Mono
Wing Upright Piano Release Stereo Lite
Wing Upright Piano Release Stereo
Wing Upright Tremolo ^ Mono
Wing Upright Tremolo ^ Stereo Alt1
Wing Upright Tremolo ^ Stereo
Wurlitzer 140B ^ RR
Wurlitzer 140B Mechanical Noise ^ RR
Wurlitzer 140B Mechanical Release
Wurlitzer 140B Pedal Noise RR DI
Wurlitzer 140B Pedal Noise RR Mic
Wurlitzer 140B Release
Wurlitzer 200A ^
Wurlitzer 200A Mechanical Noise ^ RR
Wurlitzer 200A Release
Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand ^ Alt1
Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand ^
Yamaha CP-70 Pedal Noise RR
Yamaha CP-70 Release Lite
Yamaha CP-70 Release