Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9

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Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9 softver audio editor

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New in WaveLab Pro 9

Introducing the most comprehensive and intuitive feature set ever crafted, WaveLab Pro 9 reinvents audio refinement once again. Its redesigned user interface and the new exchange feature allow for faster workflows, while the unique mastering plug-in suite, MasterRig, and its mid/side capabilities push your creative envelope.

New features at a glance

  • Revolutionary new user interface based on a ribbon and tab layout concept for instant access to all vital program functions
  • MasterRig high-end mastering plug-in suite including Equalizer, Dynamic EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager and M/S support
  • Full M/S support including mid/side editing and processing of files in Audio Editor and Audio Montage, M/S monitoring in the master section and flexible M/S channel processing
  • Direct exchange with Cubase and Nuendo for using WaveLab’s mighty feature set during mixing and for easily opening the respective Cubase/Nuendo project from WaveLab
  • Newly designed Master Section including easier-to-read metering, M/S monitoring, channel processing options and 12 effect slots
  • High-quality SoX-based Resampler, Multiband Expander and Multiband Envelope Shaper
  • New window docking system allowing you to customize WaveLab conveniently to your individual needs
  • WaveLab Project Manager lets you keep track of even the largest projects
  • File Group system for conveniently organizing your audio files and Audio Montages
  • Further improvements such as clip-based send effect automation (envelope-based), plug-in search, naming scheme and more rendering options
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Speeding up your workflow dramatically

WaveLab Pro 9 introduces a revolutionary new user experience that allows for an incomparably fast and convenient workflow. The new single-window interface contains a central tab area, incorporating the most often used functions and the waveform display. The tool windows above provide all metering displays, error correction functions, markers and more. The renowned master section also comes in a new layout and includes additional options. WaveLab Pro 9 also lets you adapt the layout to your individual needs by offering an easy-to-use new docking system, including settings for window transparency and window sliding behavior.


The ribbon and tab layout


The central area of WaveLab is based on a ribbon layout consisting of several individual tabs for the most often used WaveLab editing and mastering functions, such as View, Edit, Fades, Analysis, Render and more. All tabs are context sensitive and only appear dynamically. Switching between the different tabs is a breeze, as the entire ribbon bar is located close to the waveform.


Another advantage of the ribbon bar lies in its ability to provide fixed views of all functions. This way, the tools you’re working with are always visible in contrast to drop-down menus in older program layouts. The ribbon bar also includes the new File tab menu, grouping all functions together for setting up the project, as well as exporting audio material in different formats.


Organizing your project

WaveLab Pro 9 also introduces a new project concept based on File Groups. This allows you to individually group a bunch of single audio files and the resulting Audio Montage (into which the single files are then composed) in one framework — the File Group. In order to keep track of even the largest mastering projects, the new Project Manager displays your entire project structure in tree form, including File Groups and the audio files and Audio Montages they contain.

New docking system

Functional layout is an important factor when working with software on a daily basis. WaveLab Pro 9 introduces a new multi-monitor friendly window docking system that allows for more flexible and easy window handling than ever before. WaveLab automatically suggests where you can dock-in a floating window by showing little arrows. Just drag a window to one of these areas to dock it at your chosen location. The WaveLab Control window has also been updated to four instances.


Redesigned Master Section

The renowned Master Section has received a major overhaul. The effect area has been expanded to twelve slots, providing highest flexibility for creating your individual plug-in mastering chain. The channel processing configuration can be determined for all plug-ins individually, including mid/side processing. This way, you can choose between your favorite plug-ins to process a stereo, mono or M/S configuration. Also the entire audio channel monitoring has been extended by M/S metering functions. The new Resampler provides direct access when changing the playback to a different sample rate.


Individualize your WaveLab experience



This takes customization within WaveLab to a new level: not only can you change the position and size of windows and workspaces according to your personal preferences, now you can also customize the colors. WaveLab Pro 9 delivers three basic display themes: Light, Dark and the all-new Black Theme (available with the update to WaveLab Pro 9.0.20). And it doesn’t stop here! Apart from selecting one of three themes, you can adjust the color of single sections individually, such as for the Audio Editor, the Audio Montage and virtually all meters.


 Introducing MasterRig, the most powerful plug-in suite ever developed by Steinberg, WaveLab Pro 9 offers you endless possibilities to master your audio material in the most creative way possible. MasterRig consists of six top-quality effect modules, most of which are available twice, that can be loaded in a chain of up to eight slots. While each module is multiband compatible, the Equalizer, Compressor and Saturator modules also support mid/side processing per band. This gives you access to very specific parts of your audio material to adjust them with surgical accuracy.

MasterRig’s enormous flexibility lets you easily organize your effect chain per drag-and-drop and save your favorite configuration as a scene, allowing you to compare different module combinations quickly.

New in 9.1

Forefeel music’s great diversity with more than 40 VIP presets for MasterRig. Designed by renowned mastering engineers and sound professionals, these presets step up to meet the sound engineer’s demands. Masterly arranged, the presets cover a great deal of musical genres that widely spans from EDM to progressive rock and from vinyl record to choral clarity.

 Full mid/side (M/S)
supportM/S in Audio Montage and Audio Editor


WaveLab Pro 9 reinvents the audio mastering workflow by providing direct access to a file’s mid and side signal both in the Audio Montage (right click on waveform) and in the Audio Editor (switch buttons L/R and M/S). This utmost flexibility allows you to realize sophisticated editing and processing for the mid and side signals, including cutting, spectrum editing, leveling, loudness analysis and much more.



Master Section: New listening insights and processing options

How about listening to the mid or side signal separately to check the inherent quality of these parts? Nothing could be simpler than that. WaveLab Pro 9 adds a function to choose between the mid and side signal, providing you with completely new insights into the mix. Best of all, you can insert any of your favorite plug-ins into the Master Section effects rack and choose whether they should only process the mid or side signal, the L/R channels or the whole stereo track.

Clip, track and output effects

Bringing the quality of your effect mastering to a never-before experienced level, WaveLab Pro 9 lets you use any of your favorite plug-ins to process the mid or side signal as a clip, track or output effect via the effects section in the WaveLab tool windows. Simply choose which part of the signal you want to process and your plug-in is applied only to this defined part.




M/S compatible MasterRig plug-in suite

MasterRig’s new eight-band EQ, the four-band Dynamic EQ as well as the four-band Compressor and Saturator are completely M/S compatible, allowing you to determine which part of the signal should be affected by the plug-ins.

Ultra-fast project setup and access

File tab: Your central WaveLab hub

WaveLab Pro 9 introduces a new File tab that acts as the central hub for creating or opening an Audio Montage, Audio Editor, Batch Processor, Podcast, Audio CD or DVD. What’s more, the File tab contains all rendering, import and export functions, important for working with DDPs, XMLs, CD cue sheets and more. You will also find all settings to configure WaveLab to your individual needs conveniently grouped under the Preferences tab.


Startup dialog

Creating a new project or browsing for an existing one is now easier and faster than ever with WaveLab’s new Startup dialog. When starting WaveLab Pro 9 you can choose to create a new, empty project or start with a template designed by you. You can also browse quickly and comfortably for existing projects or files you want to work on.


Project Manager

Large projects often result in complex structures that need to be managed in a convenient, intuitive way. WaveLab Pro 9 helps you keep your audio files and audio montages organized by introducing Project Manager. The Project Manager provides a tree structure that lets you instantly see which files belong to which file group, how they are named and if they have been modified. You can even drag and drop files from the project manager into an Audio Montage or open a new Audio Editor.

Direct file exchange with Cubase and Nuendo*: Creating a powerful mixing and mastering chain

WaveLab Pro 9 is the first WaveLab version that provides a seamless and direct exchange of audio material with Cubase and Nuendo, allowing you to create a supreme mix and mastering chain.

*Cubase 8.5.10 and Nuendo 7.1.20 or newer required


Use WaveLab’s mighty feature set from within Cubase & Nuendo

Open WaveLab directly from within Cubase/Nuendo and use WaveLab’s powerful restoration, editing, analysis and mastering functions to polish your audio material even during the mixing process. After editing and processing the audio file in WaveLab, the file can be updated automatically in Cubase/Nuendo by just a single mouse click in WaveLab.


Go back to the mix

During the mastering process you might well need to go back into the mix, because vital changes need to be made that cannot be done in mastering, for example, to improve the balance between different instruments. With WaveLab Pro 9, it is not necessary anymore to figure out in which folder the respective Cubase/Nuendo project for the opened wave files is located. WaveLab now automatically opens the respective Cubase/Nuendo project directly from the wave file in WaveLab. This way, you can easily edit or re-mix the project and make necessary changes to make the mix more suitable for mastering.


More high-class plug-ins



WaveLab Pro 9 contains two new multiband plug-ins: Multiband Expander and Multiband Envelope Shaper. In addition to these new quality effects, a new SoX-based Resampler has been included for high-quality resampled playback and rendering.


Further improvements

The latest version of WaveLab also provides useful improvements to make daily work just that bit more convenient.


Clip plug-in send automation

WaveLab offers an envelope-based automation for clip-based send effects. This works for clip, track, and output effects and lets you draw your own automation for any plug-in inserted.

Multi-rendering on export

WaveLab Pro 9 now supports rendering of multiple Audio File, Audio Montage and File Group arrangements in one go, expanding on export capabilities and making this aspect of your workflow that much quicker.

Extended rendering

WaveLab now supports surround rendering for MP3 and AAC formats.


Customizable naming scheme

WaveLab includes a customizable naming scheme with individually defined name attributes, such as file name, album title, counter and many others. Making good use of these attributes easily allows you to distinguish between different files when exporting large numbers of audio files.


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