Sugar Bytes Obscurium

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Sugar Bytes Obscurium

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Sugar Bytes Obscurium poseban virtualni synthesizer.

Licenca i najnovija download verzija !

Obscurium is a generative synthesizer and timbral organism. Feeding on scales, chords and synthesis, producing vivid harmonics paired with an elaborate aesthetic. It is the source of a dazzling array of organic and lively sounds, delivering spherical pads, bubbly arpeggios and deadly percussion attacks. The playful user interface streamlines the complexity of the inner workings: You can freely change and swap all parameters and motion lanes leading to hundreds of new sounds from the init preset, so you can realise unique and surprising sequences in a matter of a few clicks. Thanks to its VST hosting feature, you can host any of your sound generator plugins in Obscurium for fresh sounds.

8-voice Saw, Pulse, Super-Saw und FM Synthesis
More than 400 excellent presets incl. pads, drums, atmos
Motion Sequencer delivering sequential melodies and sounds, plus Plugin Automation
Draw Tools, Modifiers and Super Obscure Mode to build and modify sequences
Generative harmonies at your fingertips or normal MIDI-Input
Shift Fader to freely swap parameters and targets
VST Plugin Hosting


Sugar Bytes